Awesome Water Fun Run @ SongkRUN Malaysia 2017

I imagined that the water will be splashed at anywhere when the runners who are running along 5km? As you know, SongkRUN Water Festival are very popular in Thailand because this festival as New Year, which always be celebrated by public Thai. Everyone also enjoyed to be soaked into the water-fights and non-stop slashing water each other, in the form of a wish for a new blessings when they are visitng Thai Temple during the summer days. So, this is my first-time to celebrate SongkRUN festival run in Malaysia!

Many runners are waiting in long queue when they have to collect their race-kit
Before #SongkRUN2017 in MAEPS started, you advised to get the plastic waterpoof bag or hide in your waistband, to avoid your smartphone and wallet get to be in the wet. And you have to get a waterproof camera that get capture your fun moments in the chaos of water. An infectious and energetic blend of music matched with splashes of water filled the atmosphere at MAEPS Serdang on March 26 as over 4000 participants ran and danced at the second edition of #SongkRUN2017.

I also visited the sponsors' boothes around the live stage to get know about the different companies; Ultron, GRAB, Ballop, Revive, KPJ Medical Centre, MyNews, Celebrity Fitness, 3ciety, Line Clear, Viral Cham, EasyUni, with Pacific Regency Hotel Suites and KK Group. My good friend, Woan koon and I never expect to meet Woan Koon's old friend, who are working in Pacific Regency Hotel Suite! We are very happy to chat with her friend because long time we don't see her already.

#SongkRUN2017 presented by Daikin Malaysia and brought to you by Brickfields Asia College started on a high note at MAEPS Serdang with great music by DJ Lady Anna, DJ ANRK, DJ Chuckiess and Whackboi, who rocked the crowd with their awesome beats. Pre-fun
run energy levels were further pumped up with a mass work up by Celebrity Fitness with Zumba,the much-loved music and dance infused workout. The run organized by Six Foot Yellow Worldwide (SFY) and co-organized by FAC3 Entertainment is designed to offer Malaysians the chance to have outdoor bonding moment with friends, family and kids as it was coinciding with the school holidays. Sure, I witnessed that the participants are very crazy to dance, and keep to splash a lot of water to friends, and family, but they can play with any runners who they don't know too!

The participants and I also need to passed through 5 water zones till we reach the finish line. But, there are two water zones are boring...maybe I felt that our clothes not enough to get wet at first when we started to run from the start line.

Wow...I surprised to see the runners who enjoyed to fight with water pistols, and crazy to refill the water from the buckets of water or they look for the water in the toilet or water fountain!  When we almost reach the finish line, we suddnelly get be in super soaked, by the huge of water, too much!! Splashing water in the air too, non-stop!

Their reaction of faces also be very happy and joy! They also are mad to play with the splashing the runners with water hoses and water-guns! I felt that they will surprise you all in good-fun and relaxing running at end line as they got their runners' spirits be high up, with the loud of music when they come to deliver out!

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If the elephants be there, the kids sure enjoy to play water with them! I'll love it! Hehe, SongkRUN believe that water is cleaning your bad luck of past year, mean it will bless you and your family with the fortune & happiness of this new year 2017!  Miss the SongkRUN, a kingdom-water  run? Do not worry! Next year, you all can join the SongkRUN 2018 to make your happy face to be splash by water!

For more information, please visit or keep up to catch the updates on the SongkRUN’s official instagram: Share the fun, share the happiness! The more the merrier, attend the next SongkRUN event with your loved ones as SongkRUN goes ASEAN.

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