VR Lab Malaysia - My 1st VR Gaming Experience in SS2, Petaling Jaya

Virtual Reality (VR) now is very popular in America, UK and Japan...finally, Malaysia first time get to introduce a very latest of VR games in the gaming world! Thanks to Oculus Rift, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo like to make a very challenge of real-life VR games, such as Resident Evil 7 and shooting, digging, fishing or RPG games in the game-changing world. That is why we want to experience the virtual reality world with VR Lab Malaysia as we want to see, touch, smell, and taste how is changing technology game when we absorbed into our real life gaming world. VR Lab Malaysia provides you to experience a very real 360 degree environment around myself, with HTC Vive! I just swing, dodge, throw, and change the weapons or things in my own world, so easy! It is very exciting when you control your VR game experience.

Last time, my sisters and I used to played the PC games, PS1, PS2, and PS3, then now the games apps be downloaded by the millions of users who always used our tablet and smartphones on every time! Nowadays, many gamers are talking about a very hot topic about VR gaming life in facebook, youtube, and social media, that make me want to explore new VR Lab Malaysia in SS2, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia! They have two-storey shoplet near McDonald's SS2 only.

VR Lab Malaysia welcome you all in VR Lab SS2
Datin Shireen, co-founder of VR Lab Malaysia
During the launch of VR Lab SS2, my good friend, Woan Koon and I also be happy to meet Carine who introduced us to Datin Shireen, co-founder of VR Lab Malaysia, who is very friendly lady! Thank you so very much for their understanding about our disability!

L-R: Datin Shireen, Woan Koon and Selina
No worries. They mentioned that this is just easy VR gaming for the Deaf and disabled wheel-chair people. For example, you just try to experience your first VR games experience with your hands while you stand up or sit down, it is okay. You can watch youtube video about how I play in VR boxing below;

I surprised that VR Lab SS2 got a free trial 'green' room to let the first-time customers who never play the VR games, that is why they want to give the customers who try for 5 minutes. They can get a free 'demo' video which will be update in VR Lab Experience Centre's youtube - click link here. , so they can share this link to facebook, so it is easy. Cool. I feel funny when I don't know how to fight with a fighter and wonder how to reload the bullets when I put my guns... Mean I need to do my action with my free movenment, unlike click, click mouse with keyboard and buttons on the controllers only. Slowly, you will be better when you play some VR games on many times.

My friend and I really crazy about VR games in a bigger room as we felt comfortable around a very big space with our free movement! It make us want to play more hours! Wow, we never noticed that we took long 3 hours in VR Lab SS2! If you are thirsty or need to eat snacks, you can buy them in the snack corner beside the registration counter only.

Don't know how to start how? No worries! VR agents who wear the white coats that will help you! They can explain how VR Lab works. They always smile and happy to see what you do so very fun! You can check every rooms with the list of games which are available; horror, sports, strategy and action games. I saw a cute kid who can hit, hit something with his HTC Vive system. You feel free to move around, with the sensor of body movement when you used HTC Vive! See my photos below;

VR Lab provides the latest VR technology to stay abreast of current trends in virtual reality and exiting programmes are updated every week. They also cater to big gatherings and events such as birthday and private functions. There are around 13 rooms which are available in the VR Lab, for example if 4-8 persons in Twin VIP room. If you and your friend want to be two players in VR games with use two HTC Vive headsets at same time, mean you both will be in a Twin VIP room. If you are single player or two of you, just use a Single VIP room only.

If you ask me about the VR genre games, click link here. I recommended my favorite VR games which are suitable for you, for example: Dead Secret, Hordez, Skeet: VR Target Shooting, Dig 4 Destruction, Elven Assassin, Brookhaven Experiment, Legend of Luca, and Acan's Call. And please check the details of prices below;
*If you are student from school or college/university, show your id card to VR Lab Malaysia centres, you will get half prices!

VR Lab Malaysia also have three centres in Bandar Sunway, SS15, Bandar Manjalara Kepong already. There are more new VR lab centres also located at Kota Damansara, Wangsa Maju, Publika and lastly, SS2 Petaling Jaya.

They gave the snacks for us after we finished to play VR in VR Lab SS2, for the bloggers' event only
For more infomation about collaborations/corporate events/private events/ birthday party/ presentation classes , please contact 0168787321 - Jack Ting via whatsapp/SMS or please visit VR Lab Malaysia's website: now. Follow their updates on so you can get a great promotion of discounts.

Explore around the VR Lab Malaysia, then you are diving into VR's most exciting story once you play VR HTC Vive! Curious? Come to visit the VR Lab Malaysia today!

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