Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2016: Zombie Dark Night @ Shah Alam

First Night Version of Run For Your Lives Malaysia make us keep be chased by zombies so crazy at the dark forest during the Countdown to new beginning of 2017! 🎇 It make me recall about "Train to Busan" movie.... Like our earth's doomsday come to end! We believe that we can be survive no matter we must to be alive! 👿

My friends are anxious when we joined first-time night version of  "Run For Your Lives 2016" in Taman Botani Shah Alam, Malaysia on last 31 December 2016. We are called to be back again after my sister and I participated in "Run For Your Lives 2015" at early morning only - please read my link here. Lastly, our end day will reach a new year soon since we, friends who are first-time celebrate together, in order to be survive along 5km journey as we must be fast runner who can be alive so we won't let our lives taken by the zombies in the dark forest. 🏃

What! Awesome! There are really a lot of runners around 2000+ be queued up so long long when we came to this place about 5.30pm! They did to register and take the T-shirts & wrist tags, take long hours..maybe one hour or two...(about 200m long). I think that they should make race-kit collection early before this event. Maybe Monkey Theory first-time to organize this event in Kuala Lumpur, so messy! This event surprise us about many teenagers, young adults, couples and family really love to join this zombie games so much! We also met a Deaf guy with his gang, I almost be shocked by him, so he got to remember my face so well! He laughed, then he looked as excited to join the zombie game! 😎

We enjoyed to see the music performance at the live stage from our place of sitting...
My friends who enjoyed to eat the chocolate donuts!

There are some food trucks and merchandise stall sold in the compound... And a big stage also be there. We checked in the games booths too. We cannot find where to buy the coupons for the food, so we pay cash when we bought the donuts only.

Scary! A zombie come!
We enjoyed to hang out in the guests booth and get free drinks only. We spotted many zombies walked around this event at night! They are horrible zombies!

The "infected" zombie people are very horror!
Make-up on the zombie player
My friends noticed that the participant can become zombie, so my best friend Kimberly, who like be zombie, but they need to pay when they registered early if you want to be zombie. Being zombie, you can get help of make up professional, and given the task of ‘capturing’ the humans.We watched many participants become crazy zombies and make fun of other runners! They also teased my friends and me so much. Ha ha. 🙈🙊🙉

My friends, Woan Koon and Shook Jee played one game, which organised by Bergamot
Woan Koon are happy to win one prize after her final ball success to went into a box!
We become naughty when we be devil!
We checked on the map so we won't be lost...Where are the Start Line..?
Be beware with the Most of the wanted Zombies...? If we found one of them, we will get reward?
My friends and I keep to be survivors when we always run away from the infected zombies! We also face the different obstacles, such as the crawl fence, smoke house, slaughter house, slaves vault, and the ladder during our long journey to safe zone - finish line. It took 2 hours along 5km from 9.30pm to 11.30pm. Especially, we never forget our memories about an interesting smoke house which we entered in because we have difficult to see where are zombies in the smoke with the disturbance of lights! Wow. Too many runners and zombies are inside the forest! So, we have to see which is the darkness night.... That is we got zombie apocalypse experience... 🏃🏃🏁

My friends don't care anymore when they are crazy to avoid the zombies at anywhere when their near death come to their life! The runners always pushed each other. They need to be calm down. Funny! I cannot find where are my friends going to... I was left behind by my friends so faster because they are scared on their first time when we encountered first zone - zombies who waited for us and another group of runners.... Haha. 😉

In the darkness, we keep run, run, run to be away from them, walked to new year: 2017 to get new life with a light! In this apocalyptic situation, we are survivors need to have wits, speed, agility and stamina to outwit and escape the zombies' clutches to run to a safe zone... I always be first runner, and my best friend be last runner to guard my friends so funny, but it is very scary. 👭

"Nights will be dark but days will be light, wish your life to be always bright 
- Happy New Year by Selina Wing"

Run For Your Lives 2016 wants to make the runners encounter their excitement and scary of experience in the mix of feeling....At same time, participants become zombie who experience how to infect other runners. I am sure that it is super fun for the zombies who enjoyed to see who will be scream when the runners encountered them!

We had a very fun excitement memories event to celebrate the countdown of a new year 2017! 
Happy New Year 2017! 

Now we welcome new year's day - 1 Jan 2017. A fresh start.
A new chapter in life waiting to be written!
I wish in 2017 every moment is enjoyed!
Wish you have a year event better than the best and 
put smiles on the faces of everyone you come across!

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NICK said…
I was supposed to combine RFYL 2016 & RFYL 2017 event in one video, but since the Z-Virus for RFYL 2017 has been safely contained and zombies prevented, I’m releasing this video only now. Hope you like it and it brings back some nostalgic and fun memories… or may be even some nightmarish and hair-raising ones... ;)

Video link ~>