Review: Pure Caffe Tea, I Love Coffee & Tea Expo @ Mid Valley Exhibition, Malaysia

"I Love Coffee & Tea" Expo is BACK in Mid Valley again, so it opened to the public. Many visitors and families or the cafe owners also came to sample the coffee and tea products from a wide array of vendors at Mid Valley Exhibition on last weekend, 29 - 30 October 2016 . This exhibition always packed by many people to get the free cups from Pure Caffe Tea and PapaRich, and are having the Latte Art competition which judged by Barista Guild Asia and others.

My Deaf Boleh! Team and I went to the "I Love Coffee & Tea" Expo in Mid Valley because we like to explore what are the special coffee or tea which provided by the exhibitors there. When we reached this expo, we surprised to see there are two fairs; Dream Cars and Coffee & Tea Expo which are opposite each other at same time!

At the entrance, many people want to peek what inside the Pure Caffe Tea booth! They always discussed how with the Pure Caffe Tea's staffs! You can see my youtube video below;

My best friends and I enjoyed to drink the coffee and tea on every morning when we wake up from bed or in the workplace. That is why what we needed to drink before work in the morning. We explored around the interesting events which I seen in the "I Love Coffee & Tea" Expo like latte art contest, coffee brewing method demos, workshops, selling the snacks-taste coffee, drawing art coffee, and more....

We met a Deaf group who supported David and Afiq, who are our trainer from Barista Guild Asia there. Before we visited the Barista Guild Asia booth, we checked around the exhibition booths and stage. We spotted the David and Afiq who be at the Latte Art competition stage, as they busy to judge the contestants who are very good at making latte art. David is our celebrity for Deaf group already. We enjoyed to share our smiles & jokes with David and Afiq!

They offered a very special promotion to attract everyone to be curious about RM0.00 Selling Price, Rental and Maintenance cost and Premium Italy long back below RM2.80/cup. If a customer interested to buy one of Italy premium coffee machine by Pure Caffe Tea, he/she will bring home FREE goodies worth more than RM3000! All visitors can stand the chance to win their dream trip to Italy when they registered with Pure Caffe Tea only.

You can see different type of premium coffee machine which are imported from Italy with the Pure Caffe Tea's coffee and tea packages. Curious what are them? Read my previous post for more information, please click link here.

My first time at "I Love Coffee & Tea" Festival @ MidValley was quite an awesome experience in my life. I not always ask the exhibitors and sellers, and just grabbed FREE cups - coffee or tea but mostly are my best friends and I shared to buy the dessert and waffle to eat only. Haha. 
"Thank you to YOU ALL! We, Pure Caffe Tea is a main sponsor, and proudly their Premium Italy Coffee to more than 9000 attendees during 3 days-event "I Love Coffee & Tea" Expo. They are very happy that their Italy coffee machines has been leased out for FREE to continue our company's mission in giving everyone  AFFORDABLE PREMIUM ITALY COFFEE! e will do our best to reply all the queries ASAP and thank you again for your support and patience." says Pure Caffe Tea on facebook.

If you want to work to be Barista or rent the Italy premium coffee machines for your business cafe, please contact them. Or visit Pure Caffe Tea's office: Block 8-3A-7, Queen's Avenue, Jalan Bayam
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

To learn more about the Pure Caffe Tea, visit

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markdeafmcguire said…
Just came across your blog today while searching for deaf bloggers. It's great to see someone from Malaysia blogging. Looks like you had a good time at this expo. I'm looking forward to reading your posts.