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As I know, there are growing more cafes in this area, Bandar Sunway that which are used to become best students' hangouts on all times. When the students are free, they really love to chat-chit and discuss over their projects in the coffee cafe since their universities are near Sunway Pyramid and USJ! I be thankful to Zomato Malaysia because they invited me and my good friend, Woan Koon to join the Zomato Meetup. We also make new friend with bloggers too. We enjoyed to dining in Morco Coffee Cafe, and experiencing a very special Christmas food & dessert! #morcocoffee #zomatomy

You can find the Morco Coffee so easy, it just opposite to Sunway University only. But, the parking spaces always full from morning till night, especially the weekend! I advised that you all come so early if you want to grab your Morco Coffee, ya! Morco Coffee provided the western food, breakfast, brunch, coffee and dessert. This cafe is pork-free. You can relax and surf the internet with free wifi.

Morco Coffee also open for anybody who want to organise the party birthday and event or any workshop, etc. Their food & drink catering also be available.

Wow. Morco Coffee are getting their own brand logo are on every cups, bottles, and everything. This cafe get a very good comfortable environment for the coffee drinkers who enjoyed to doing their assignments or chat-chit with friends. 

For Christmas menu, I surisped that they used a lot of pomegranate to add into the soup, and western dishes as well as chocolate desserts! My friend and I attracted to the Christmas' culinary food with Morco's style so beautifully.

 First, they served us the sweet pumpkin soup with croissant. I felt that it's not vey thick but, so very sweet taste when I drip a piece of croissant inside this soup. You will bite few pomegranates only, when you drink this.

Roasted Chicken on a bed of sweet potato puree, sauteed vegetable and pomengranate. I noticed that red sauce are around the roasted chicken with sweet potato... I love this roasted chicken because this be cooked so very good, looks like grilled chicken! But, I am not taking more sweet potato so much because I drink the pumpkin soup so much already. 

Well, I am chocolate lover, used to eat a lot of sweet chocolate when I was kid! Now, sometimes I eat chocolate only. Good! I get my chance to get two chocolate desserts; Pancake and Brownies. I loved chocolate brownies so very much because it is very strong chocolate so rich flavor with honey so yummy! 

I really love the Black Forest Chocolate so great! I enjoyed the Ice Blended with cream so yummy! And I attracted to a beautiful rose cream are on the Black Forest Mocha (Hot). But I felt that Mocha get bitter coffee, like espresso?

Their service is very good as they keep everything be clean at our table! Sometimes, they slow to give the drinks only, maybe they take a lot of time to make beautiful coffee but they served the food so well. Finally, Zomato staffs gave "thank you" gifts; Zomato T-shirt, notes and cup to me and my friend. Then, we received two packages; Monian and Hi-Fi, Drip Coffee are given by Morco Coffee.

Try the Morco Coffee if you want to celebrate Xmas with your a group of friends! Not bad. Maybe their prices are expensive because it get GST % and service charge, but you all can share 2-3 dishes, be enough.

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