5 Handbags You Must Can Buy

Nowadays, young ladies love to talk everything about fashions, cosmetics, handbags and many in Malaysia! You can be fan of lovely handbag's top brands from worldwide as you sure know. As you know that the luxurious bags are most important is suitable for your style of fashion! I always love my favourite brand “G.Davin” handbag which I bought on last year.

Still think about the handbag newbie or handbag hoarder? Here are the top must have handbags you should own. For newbies, take note of the trendiest most versatile types. For hoarders, time to cut down on the irrelevant styles and stick to these top styles instead. This roundup will definitely help you on your next handbag shopping spree. To be honest, all you’ll ever need are these particular styles made to be worn for every occasion you can think off. Long gone were the days of buying one too many handbags only to have it collect dust in your closet. Take note ladies!

1. Crossbody
Velvet - Small Bow Crossbody Bag
Vince - Crossbody Square Shoulder Bag (Beige)
For comfort and wearability (plus effortless style points), the crossbody bag is great for a lazy day out or night outs. When you don’t need to have too many things in your bag and you’re the lone essentials only kinda girl, the crossbody bag is exactly what you need. Extra note: every minimalist's must have is the crossbody - because less is always more.

2. Clutch (Day & Night)
Something Borrowed - Two-Tone Book Clutch With Long Strap
PLAYBOY BUNNY - Playboy Bunny Ladies Purse/Clutch
A simple, no fuss bag that’s what a clutch bag is for. You’ll need one of these for super quick days or drive outs for a late night snack mission. A clutch bag is the most casual on the go options where you can keep a wad of cash or important cards and id’s along with your keys. Oh perhaps even a lipstick in there too for glam nights.

3. Weekender
ZALORA - Daily Structured Hobo
Hush Puppies -  Mag Satchel
Yes, it’s bigger than your average bag but it’s exactly what you need for an unplanned weekend getaway. Plus, it can also double as your grocery or overall carry on bag. Need extra space for your in-flight needs? The weekender bag is exactly what you’re looking for. Stuff some extra in-flight toiletries, an extra change of clothes and perhaps even a book for that long flight.

4. Tote
Tagg - City Tote Bag
The classic and only one you’ll ever need for daily wear, the tote bag.Designed in the most neutral and basic colours, you’ll find the tote bag a staple for everyday wear and office days. Pick a medium sized tote for carrying a tablet or light laptop for meetings and still have room for your wallet, keys and essentials. This one never goes out of style and matches every outfit.

5. Novelty
BONIA - Royal Torero Novelty Satchel M

The novelty bag is the one you have for its quirk and easy going fun vibe. Novelty bags come in various designs made for eccentric days where you feel like giving a little bit of a push. Some might say for a hint of madness to a basic outfit but in the most fashionable way of course. From lip shaped crossbody bags to embroidered statement clutch bags, the creative styles go on forever with novelty bags.

So do you own any of these bags? If you haven’t it’s time you go and shop handbags online today while taking notes from these nifty tips for the trendiest handbag options!  

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