Shopping - Beauty Shop Online via Pay MOLPay Cash at 7-Eleven Malaysia

Recently I have been scouting online for a great and affordable Korean skincare products and I have stumbled on Hermo, Beauty Shop Online Malaysia. I have seen Hermo post on my facebook before and hence I decided to try it out. Hermo has a great variety of Korean skincare products and the best part is it has free shipping if I purchased 2 products or more! Looking through the website, they have lots of great deals and discounts on my favorite skincare products! I really like the simplicity of the website where it is easy to navigate around.

You sure will be happy  when you like to do shopping on the Hermo Beauty website to get a great deals to make you feel WOW. When you noticed that the popular beauty products which are imported from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, which you love to buy!

GOOD NEWS! You offered to GET RM 5 off voucher 
by using this code below (minimum RM 60 purchase):
*Key in the discount code during check-out, each code valid for 1 time.
Remember, this voucher still be available until 31 December 2016.

Thank you to MOLPay Malaysia! It is very helpful because they help everyone who don't have a credit card in Malaysia, especially, the students. Since I do not own any credit card and I am too shy to ask my parents for their credit card to use, I decided to make a purchase via MOLPay. This method of payment is great convenient, easy, quick & hassle free as university students that have not started owning a credit card can shop in Hermo, Beauty Shop Online Malaysia using MOLPay!

For more info about MOLPay Malaysia, check out at
STEP ONE - First, I did "checked out" my favorite of beauty collection in my cart account at Then, I just add my address details, to complete my order. I just choose which is the delivery option, so easy!

STEP TWO - You choose "Manual Transfer" then, you add HMOLPAYCASH05 in the voucher code, select "Apply", Lastly, you click "CHECK OUT NOW". Then, you click continue on "Make Payment".

STEP THREE - You MUST to select "Payment Options" to see the different merchants. Choose "7-Eleven Cash Retail" on a 7-Eleven logo. Then, you type in your details; name and email only. Lastly, click "Proceed", DONE!

STEP FOUR - Take the picture or print out the transaction details. ( Transaction ID, verification code, amount). See my photo below;

STEP FIVE - Go to your nearest 7-Eleven, and pay cash at counter while you show your print copy so easy only! I just pay RM9 only! You will get two receipts; MOLPay and 7-Eleven below;

DONE! It is good explanation for you? If not, you may can check out on how about the processing of MOLPay below;

When I was using the MOLPay CASH, it is very quick because you can pay cash to the cashier' counter at any 7-eleven (24 hours) which are near your office or home only. And no need to take more time to make the banking online or type credit card of details... Easy to click on "check out" on the shopping cart then, just select MOLPay in short time only! Don't need credit/debit card.

GET RM 5 off voucher NOW!
By using this code below (minimum RM 60 purchase):
*Key in the discount code during check-out, each code valid for 1 time.
Remember, this voucher still be available until 31 December 2016.

The voucher terms and condition:
- Voucher discount valid from 01/09/16 - 31/12/2016.
- A RM5 off minimum purchase of RM60 (excluding shipping fee) in single order.
- Not applicable to items as featured in OMO deals.
- Offer is only valid for one-time usage only per customer during the offer period.
- This offer is not valid with the usage of other promotion codes.
- This voucher is not applicable during any promotional events.
- reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without further notice.

MOLPay CASH are available for the merchants; Shogun2u, Starbucks Malaysia,, Exabytes, Mi Malaysia, CatchThatBus, Avenue86, Althea Beauty, Printcious, Ezbuy, Honor, and many! You can try it out!

For more information, please visit official website MOLPay CASH and Hermo .

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