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I really thought that Morgan bring a story of life about a teenager who grow up to be killer at first. Later, my mom and I really shocked to listened about a serious crime which make a young lady who changed her mind since she get her emotional feeling around her friends who she care in her life! This summary story about since an unprovoked attack by Morgan on scientist Kathy Grieff. Following the attack, a corporate troubleshooter named Lee Weathers is sent to find out what went wrong, and also to determine if the Morgan project should be terminated or not...

I shocked that why they choose a very lonely place which they live there...Maybe their company have to force them to do a very secret mission since they get a big investment when they have to be away from their own world?? If I am given a high-paying job for this project, I better to reject this offer because we, human should think about the important of life and moral values in our lives.... For me, this big mansion looks as the old "haunted house"! I won't stay there if I am you.

When we listened that Morgan is a bioengineered child who began walking and talking after one month of existence, exceeding the wildest expectations of her creators... I really never expect that there is a big company who interested to create the human clones with their own investment, so they are crazy! Well, I think every human want to be immortal or play as GOD, who control the 'special' human to follow their orders without a fail? I really pity on this 'special' human which been on the experiement, more like "white rat who be trapped in lab". When she always spend her time in her cage since she was growing up with the scientists. Shockingly, she’s highly intelligent and self-sustaining....She looks have her own power; she can read human' minds?? The scientists still think that she has the mind of a small child and doesn’t understand how the world works, that is why they won't let her go out to explore....

If you are observer on this project, what are your decision? For me, YES because a 'special' human will jump to be top of level of intelligent if she escaped from her cage, and maybe she will do something's dangerous which we, human never do in our world... They won't kill her because she is 'same' human as us... How? If she be violent and abuse your friend, you MUST decide once you think that this action is wrong...since you love Morgan. All loved Morgan but they will be falling down in her hand - Morgan!

You will know once you get to know the truth from Lee Weathers... Be honest, I amazed with Lee because she is very professional at her job! She won't let others always be in her way since she make sure every mission must be complete when she faces her toughest job. I don't know why she is strict with them, maybe she be aware with the 'special' human will be more violent and dangerous than her? You advised to wait until the ending of movie, ya. I felt that Morgan story make you all will be imagine about if one day, a government or a company will do the human clones for their own interest or good benetif for our world, so you think it's dangerous when a 'special' human will take over of you all... how?

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