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Long time, I don't eat the pancake, so I missed it so very much! I remembered that my mom, sister and I tried to eat the little snack; Classie Pancake only since this restaurant was launched on first time...Already 3 or 4 years ago! Now, I come back to eat at Pancake House International again as I love to try different food, which be new to me! :)

[Credited by Midvalley]
My friends and I managed to attend the food review, then they told us about 13 different food in Pancake House International! Normally, we thought that this is the western food restaurant because this interior of restaurant are very simple, more like English-style decoration.. They told me that this original recipe from Philippines! Wow, we never try to eat the Filipino food. Great!

Best Taco in Town 
(2 pcs - RM15.45)
Chicken chunks, lettuce, tomato, onion and cheese in a crispy taco shell served with Tuna Macaroni Salad. A colourful South of the border Mexican treat! It is great. I eat the taco with my hand only, so it's easy to go into my mouth only! So soft, and easy-bite only. And I love to eat tuna with salad at same time. I felt like taco chicken mixed with tuna and vegetable in my mouth so delicious!

Asparagus Cayenne Soup 
Creamy and satisfyingly good asparagus soup topped with a dash of cayenne. They make a very special creamy asparagus, but it never looks as a very green soup. Nice. I think that I felt this taste like the pesto mix with different of cheese turn into the cream? I really love it!

Club Sandwich 
Satisfyingly delicious triple-decker made of chicken, Chicken Strips, lettuce, egg slices, tomato and cheese served with french fries. It was okay only, so nice. I hope that they don't make a very thick of bread, cause it is hard to bite.. I have to cut the thick sandwich!

Smoked Golden Tinapa 
(Smoked Golden Milkfish - RM26.60)
Deboned Milkfish smoked to golden perfection and served with Garlic Rice and mango salsa. First time, I saw this special dish, especially the fried milkfish. Long time I don't eat this kind of fish... I think that malay custromers sure love to eat it. Garlic rice also nice too. All are delicious so soft.

Southern Maple Chicken 
A medley of sweet maple-glazed chicken and Caesar Salad served with a choice of Garlic Rice and golden crispy waffle.

Classic Pan Chicken 
(2pcs - RM16.60 and 3pcs - RM17.70)
A house speciality – deep – fried pan chicken with homemade gravy served with Garlic Rice. The fried chicken are well-cooked so delicious. Not bad.

House Burger 
Juicy burger patty with mushroom, Chicken Strips, lettuce and tomato on toasted bun served with french fries and salad. I enjoyed to eat this burger, so wow. It is very big, can make your stomach be full!

Waffle Foldover 
Golden waffle on the outside, peanut butter, 2 hefty scoops of vanilla ice cream and candy-coated choco bites on the inside. I used to eat my favourite waffle on many times. Their handmade waffle still are okay, but so hard a bit. But 2 big scoops of vanilla ice cream with 'M' candy chocos be success to make my heart to bite my fav ice cream! The children sure will like it if you order for them!

Classic Pancake 
(2 pcs - RM12.15 and 3 pcs - RM14.35)
The homey goodness of plain golden pancakes served with whipped butter. It is very good taste of pancake which we used to eat before.

Blueberry Pancake 
(2 pcs - RM16.60 and 3pcs- RM18.80)
Sink your teeth into blueberry-filled golden pancakes with syrup. Wow, the blueberry sauce are on the top of pancake, make me fell love with it! I make it become a MUST to eat when we are free to come again!

Luscious Lemon Pancake Peak 
A stack of Mini Pancakes with cream cheese filling in-between, served with lemon-flavoured syrup and topped with lemon zest. First time, my friends and I eat it. I thought the pancake is mini but we surisped that they put a lot of pancake with the lemon sauce, looks as make me can smell a very strong-lemon come from the pancake peak!

Dessert Halo-Halo 
Shaved ice with milk, sweet corn kernels, yellow sweet potato, sweetened banana, fresh jackfruit strips, topped with homemade custard. My friends and I still wonder that what it is? Mr Ahmad explained that this is very special popular Filipino dessert with mixtures of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various ingredients, including boiled sweet beans, coconut, sago, gulaman (agar jelly), tubers and fruits.It is very sweet-taste. It is first-time we ate it from Filipino! You should TRY IT!

But, expect one special dessert for Hari Raya season, named "Coconut Pandan Pancake" valid until end of July 2016 only.

Coconut Pandan Pancake [Limited time]

There are 5 outlets of "Pancake House International" - Midvalley, Paradigm, IOI City Mall, Quill City Mall and Atria Shopping Gallery.

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The food there looks delicious. I love pancakes and would definitely go try it one day