TAG La, Best Trackers help you find your key, smartphone, wallet, hangbag, pet or anything

Everytime, my mom and dad always forget when they lost their important things, such as wallet or glasses or smartphones. They used to look for their lost things before they went out, that is why they are late! Sometimes, my sister or I will help my parent to find their things in home or office and inside their car. I experienced this before when I suddendly get my short-term memory, make me cannot remember where I put my things? How to solve this problem when I lost my items?

Last month [June 2016], my dad lost his new smartphone which are aged 3 months only! This is first time for my family failed to look for his smartphone! We worried my dad lost his smartphone again once he buy new? Thankfully, TAG La helped us now. We can usually locate using the TAG La so easy! Use my PROMO code "tagselinaooi"  for 10% discount on TAG La. The code apply on only, before the deadline on 3rd August 2016.

Have you heard about TAG La, best bluetooth tracker gadget invented for the users who can use it on everyday? The TAG La gadget can help the people keep track of important items that are easy to lose, such as phones, keys, and iPads. You can watch this video below;

There are TAG La comes in 6 colours, depends on your taste, mood and personality when you can choose your favourite colour at SHOP TAG La website. I have my green one, thanks to TAG La. Don't worry, their company based in KL, they can ship to your home or office so faster. It take 1-3 days only!

TAG La can works for a iPhones, iPads, tablets or Android smartphone, should use the "TROIKA Find", TAG La app which can found in Google Play and iOS. I felt better because there are special funations are ring your TAG La beside your item, track your location, and take selfie photo only!

I’ve tested it out. I feel the size of TAG La are smaller, and easy to carry since it is very light. For example, I can hold it with my hand or put it in my pocket only. You sure wonder how much ft range when you are using the bluetooth TAG La? It up to 30ft - 75ft, depending on the environment which you stand at... When your TAG La not respond to your bluetooth TAG La app, mean you need to walk around your place if you want to know where are TAG La with your lost item.

You can put TAG La with the key houses, passport, wallet, inside the handbag, or anything you like! You won't lose it again!

You can put your TAG La on your pet!

You can change the battery so easy once you open TAG La gadget. It used the CR 2032 Lithium Coin Battery, lasts about half a year. You have family members who use TAG La or have different tablet and iPhone or Android smartphone can sync with "TROIKA Find", TAG La app at same time. Apple iOS devices can pair up to 10 TAG La devices or more at a time. Android devices can pair anywhere from 3-10, depends on the different smartphone which the people used.

For the seflie photograph, you can take any photo with your family, pet or friends at anywhere, anytime! My pet, Miu Miu is very cute! She always stare at my green TAG La so much while we took the seflie photo!
How I use TAG La?

1. Look for "TROIKA Find" from Google Play or App Store.
2. Turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone once you install "TROIKA Find".
3. Press Switch ON the TAG La by holding the button for 3 seconds until you can feel vibrate or hear the BEEP twice. 
3. Click "Connect" on "TROIKA Find" app, when it appear once.
4. You can Alert your TAG La or check Locate your item or test your Photograph to take selfie.
5. If you want to Switch OFF, press and hold the button for 3 seconds until you get long Beep sound.

Remember: TAG La is most effective within the range of 30ft when your TAG La can work if you did a step by step. Easy.

I also liked the packing gift so very much. You can buy TAG La with the price is RM59.90 each. You can give this birthday gift for your parents, and best friends.

 Get your TAG La now.
And you'll always know where your things are!

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 Get PROMO code "tagselinaooi
for 10% discount on TAG La
The code apply on only.
The validation is until 3rd of August 2016.

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