[Movie Review] Conjuring 2 Are Back to Haunt You!

The Conjuring 2 are coming out in Malaysia already! They are deeper and darker, make everyone scare to step in the darkness of haunted house which directed by James Wan (Saw, Insidious, Furious 7), Malaysian-born director and filmmaker can make his camera do terrifying tricks looks like the supernatural! About this summary story, the famous paranormal investigators Ed Warren and his clairvoyant wife, Lorraine who are back again! This time they're working on the worst case of the Amityville horror that made global headlines in 1970. Lorranie feel be like watched by someone who still want revenge with her family when she and his husband are working on every case! Later, single mom Peggy Hodgson and her four kids, especially 11-year-old Janet, find their ramshackle North London home bedeviled by demons.

I thought that I will watch Amityville in the Conjuring 2! After this part of beginning, the Enfield Poltergeist, true story will tell you about there are a family; a single mother are living with her daughter, Janet and siblings only. Sad! It is brilliant tricks used by James Wan, make every dark corner, every room in the house and knows when to hold onto a scare or open your eyes to be in shock! I saw few viewers keep to close the eyes that are beside me, at same time my friend, Woan Koon not dare to watch this part of darkness room, especially a very horror lady who is a nun! Funny! I cannot wait to see more scary part will be come out!

I am not very happy with GSC One Utama because they don't provide the Bahasa Malaysia/ English subtitles for the Conjuring 2 @ Premiere Screening so my friend and I do not understand at all... But we enjoyed to see more actions which Ed Warren busy to save a kid, Janet since Ed and his wife really want to help Janet's family so very much. I think that no one want to believe Janet and her family, that is why other investigators want to check again again, and also solve how to can make her house get haunted because they think that Janet just get the attention from the public.

Wow, Lorranie still can see the future because it related to her ability to sense the supernatural? That is why she worried her husband's safety and never leave him alone when he go out to work on the ghost/supernatural issues on everytime! She keep her family and husband be safe at her side so always. Sometimes, they confessed their love each other when they keep to going on the move so they are very bravo than others!

Still wondered that why Janet and her siblings still be disturbed by a very devil man... But, it is weird? Because she ask for help with the oujia board? It still never explained that how Janet can escape from the devil man. Maybe, Lorranie cast her prayer to make the demons are away from Janet and Ed Warren from the danger only. I surprised that Janet's mother still stayed in that haunted house after Janet moved out when she married so early. Who dare to stay in this haunted house? No one know why so it is very mysterious case!

We learned that must NEVER play with the oujia games again as it can bring the spirits or demons back to haunt you! I cannot say anymore about this because there are no subtitles, sorry. You sure will shocked when you scream alot when you watch this movie, Conjuring 2!

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P/S: *My Deaf friend and I attended the Preview Screening - Premiere at GSC One Utama. We are very excited to look forward to this premiere screening "Conjuring 2" but, we are sad with no subtitles and "sarikata 'Bahasa Malaysia'" on the movie Conjuring 2 at 845pm in the Hall 2 on on last 7 June 2016. Hope GSC Malaysia should make all premiere screening should have the subtitles; BM or English. Don't forget that there are some Deaf/Hearing Impaired families, teenagers and children still attend in the premiere screening in GSC One Utama. It is twice times already since still no subtitles. My mom and I went there for other movie. If I am children/teenager, I would be sad and cried! GSC One Utama is my worst experience that I went there!

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