WaKase Design Your Own Style For Your iPhone 6 Case

WaKase is very new brand case to you, right? WaKase love to design the special case which can be suitable for your own style in your life so, you can enjoy to use your smartphone in your comfortable hand. There are many different type of case which you choose, it can be your favorite style... For example, you want to be cool, your case will be cool. Or you want a beautiful or cute case, it show you are lovely girl. Like it? Jom! Please check out on the WaKase on link here.

"WaKase is committed to design case that make your gadget stand out from the best, yet not feel out of place. When we are designing a new case, we start by questioning ourselves, which day to day function could be simplified and made efficient? What feature would make you feel lost without it? That is where our inspiration stems from, not only to have a case to protect your phone, but to design cases that contain small details that bring a smile to your face every time you see it. Wa stands for Wireless Accessories in short and the WOW effect that our products aim to create when being used on your phone. They focus to create a case that fits perfectly, with an out of this world style." - by WaKase Facebook.

First, I received the oversea package from WaKase Inc, Taipei, Taiwan on my first time! So cool! I saw them take care of this package so very nicely as they don't want to make the beautiful iPhone case be spoil during they shipped out to the oversea! This case can fit into my sister's iPhone 6 so easy! My sister really like it so much.

I decided to get a new case - WaKase® [Knit] Clear Transparent Luxury Shiny Sparkling Trendy Gold Case - Crystal Tea for my sister because she never have a beautiful diamond pattern texture on the back of case. Her taste is simple luxury, so it can be her style sense. No matter your iPhone 6 be in gold or silver, it still show a very beautiful and clear pattern still be seen in the gold colour. It is easy to blend the iPhone 6.

The case also made from the flexible material that forms around the sides and front of the phone. And you can wash the WaKase case with the clean water. It also have the  shock absorbent, anti-scratch, and environmentally friendly TPU. It is not worry as you won't get any scratch anymore again. Why? Because my sister always have her old case got more scratch by her pet, cat!

It can protect my sister's iPhone 6 as it cover the corners of iPhone. Hope it won't break the case if she drop it so suddnelly! For me, it is very simple but, I really like diamond pattern on back of iPhone. I love to touch this case so very soft when I hold my sister's iPhone 6.

I caught my eyes to attract on a very beautiful WaKase's design which are most for the Apple brand only if you have iPhone 6/ 6s and 6 Plus. It is very slim case so beautifully...They also have a great service, especially FREE shipping and fast-delivery!

Come to visit the WaKase Inc 
to change your own style of iPhone!

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