Kenny Rogers Roasters Chicken Run 2016 in Desa Water Park, Taman Desa KL

Thanks to Kenny Rogers Roasters and Go Communication's inviation for joining my first-time Roasters Chicken Run on last Sunday, 22 May 2016. This day was very awesome and enjoyable fun-event for many families, adults and young runners. Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia success to welcome more than 2,138 runners converged on Desa Waterpark for the 12th ROASTERS Chicken Run (RCR) on this year 2016. My friend, Woan Koon and I experienced this event by Kenny Rogers Roasters so very different than normal marathon event, because they focus more on the family and charities who enjoy to celebrate their non-profit community run with the Kenny members, make their relationship become strong and closer to support each other, just for the health life and food donation for the hungry world.

When my friend and I reached the Desa Water Park near Taman Desa arrived at 7am in the morning as the participants gathered at the main entrance. Then, we saw them busy to take each egg from the different categories' booth because each runner have to carry an egg on a cone with their hands when they focus on their running.

Many booths set up at the venue, such as 100 Plus, Food Aid Foundation, Dutch Lady, and The Cocoa Trees. Before it's start out, the participants were greeted by a warm-up session by Celebrity Fitness. Many families enjoyed to exercise together.

Mr. Rick Chee (first from the right), Founder of Food Aid Foundation receives RM55,000 from Dato’ Francis Lee (left), Group Executive Director of Berjaya ROASTERS (M) Sdn Bhd; witnessed by Mr. Lee Siew Weng (first from the left), Senior General Manager of Berjaya ROASTERS (M) Sdn Bhd.

“Through the amount of RM 55,000 raised from the event, we are glad to share that KRR will be reaching to a larger number of the needy ones by providing them nutritious wholesome meals as well as donating funds to various organizations through Food Aid Foundation,” added Dato’ Francis Lee.

Funds from the ROASTERS Chicken Run 2016 will be handed to Food Aid Foundation through 2,000 sets of Kenny’s Chicken Meals to approximately 20 charitable homes for both the young and old. Meanwhile, the remaining funds will be utilized to purchase ingredients and groceries to other homes which are also supported by Food Aid Foundation. Food Aid Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates as a food bank which provides basic food to charitable homes, rehabilitation centres, feeding centres, poor families and destitutes.

“I’m glad to be here today to show my gratitude and support to this meaningful event. We appreciate the generosity from KRR and fellow Malaysians, who are selflessly here with us today in support of the foundation. With the contributions garnered from the event, we will certainly be able to extend our arms to a greater number of homes and provide them with more nutritious food supplies,” expressed Rick Chee, founder of Food Aid Foundation, at the charity run yesterday.

We not join this running event because we don't have the medal and T-shirt, so it is very late to invite the media but we enjoyed to explore everything as we can do... We also met the bloggers too, and just say hello to them, just shy... We got to drink 100 Plus at 100 Plus's booth as the kids followed us to drink it so much, they love it! Kenny Chicken Run's event is very great time for a family who enjoy to spend together, to be closer each other in their bond.

ROASTERS Chicken Run (RCR) has raised over RM 660,000 for a myriad of charitable organisations and homes such as Little Yellow Flower Foundation, Tabung Kebajikan Pesakit HUKM, Pediatric Unit HUKM (Oncology), Unit TUTUR – Aural Rehabilitation Centre for Hearing Impaired Children together with Yayasan Budi Peyayang Malaysia and House of Joy and Faith, Yayasan Sunbeams Home, Rumah Juara, Rumah Kanak-kanak Tengku Budriah, Rumah Sayangan, Malaysian National Kidney Foundation – Dialysis Treatment for the Young, Rumah Hope, Rumah Kebajikan Anbu Illam, Rumah Charis Ti-Ratana Welfare Society, and Tabung Kebajikan Pesakit PPUKM – Young Diabetic Patients. We surisped they also welcome the charities joined this Chicken Run 2016 for the fun run categories. It is very good for the orphan children also experience their first-time run in their memories life which they never forget!

ROASTERS Chicken Run 2016 was made possible with the support from our official venue partner, Desa WaterPark. Other supporting partners who made this run possible are 100 Plus, Brooks, BCard, Berjaya Hotels & Resorts, Celebrity Fitness, Unilever Food Solutions, Starbucks, Sports Toto, Krispy Kreme, The Sun, Salonpas, RockTape, Dutch Lady, The Cocoa Trees, Fresh N Sqz, Super Asia, Delphi, and Nestle.

Dato’ Francis Lee and Mr. Rick Chee flag off the ROASTERS Chicken Run 2016!

Before this event almost finished, the tough men, ladies and young kids become faster runners just in short minutes only! Congratulation to the Kenny winners who are lucky to gain the money prizes! And, their egg never be broken when they are running so very fast! Clap Clap to the runners who completed the running mission while they are protected an egg on cone so very well!

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