Be A Dragon Warrior @ Dragon Run, World's First Martial Arts Themed Race in Resorts World Genting

Dragon Run is very challenging race as first time they put the martial arts with the obstacles, so cool! Make me recall about Kung Fu Panda 3! You all can train be Dragon Warrior. In the Dragon Village, it will feature different activities for the family and all aged runners who love to walk along the Asian journey! Dragon Run is an adrenaline-pumping 6 km run around a course that incorporates eye-catching, often towering and certainly challenging Martial Arts-inspired obstacles. Better you join the world’s first martial arts inflatable obstacle race, Dragon Run on 14 May and 15 May 2016 at the Horse Ranch in Resorts World Genting.

Image credited by DragonRunMy Facebook
A briefing by Mark O'dea, Celebrity host for the Dragon Run
First time, my mom and I attended the media preview recently to try out the Dragon Run, and I enjoyed to run along the obstacles as I don't mind if the weather is poor because I experienced to run in the raining on my past marathon. Be honest, I don't have martial arts experience, but we no need to worry because it is designed for the beginners so it is easy to encourage you all to do exercise, just like training of martial arts and learn more to improve yourself to be strong when you are in the Dragon Village!

Ms Ivlynn Yap Cheng Theng, Managing Director of Citrine One who gave the speech
My mom and I started to enter  through Dragon Gate, then we attacked the monstrous Giant Dragon, the complex Kung Fu-inspired all-in-one obstacle, make me hard to stand up and confused when many runners jump and fell down each other! Bravo! A Giant Dragon make you test your balance, endurance and agility during you go in the mouth of Giant Dragon! But, we also need to complete a course of 10 gigantic martial arts obstacles in the styles of Dragon Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Sumo and Jeet Kune Do that promises an adrenaline and endorphins-pumping experience.

They launched the Dragon Run to make the runners start off by their beat on drum!
During the event, you can bring your children and family to enjoy around Dragon Village, where the food and beverage booths, carnival games and combat demonstrations or watch the live feed of the run to encourage your friends to participate in. The kid warriors will enjoy the delicious candy-inspired bouncy castle, brought by SweetwalkTM. Also expect a myriad of children’s activities including face painting, balloon twisting and other carnival games that will ensure a satisfying day-out in the cool plains of Genting Highlands.

This is very famous "Giant Dragon"!
Mom tried to learn how to do Muay Thai at Palm Tree Forest! Cool.
My mom and I have to kick and punch the hidden targets in Kick Maze
We have to push the Sumo Wobble to escape this!
My mom climb to run inside the Yin Yang Gate.
Cool! Big Boss make you get to jump in the wet water~!
And more challenging obstacles still be there again when you join 14 and 15 May 2016 if you want to see what inside the Dragon Run! See the map route 6km below;

Dragon Village is open for all ages, the obstacle run requires participants aged 12 or above. Minors 12 to 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult during the run.

All participants will receive bibs and a runner’s packet with Dragon Run sports T-Shirt, towel, small rattle drum, tattoo stickers and additional goodies. And please check the ticket prices below;

For 1st 400 people, RM99 only before RM129!
What are you waiting for? JOIN NOW!

Thanks to Citrine One, my mom and I got their invitation to join their 15th Anniversary Sports Day to experience a very great Dragon Run Special Preview. on our first time. We enjoyed to punch, kick and jump to fight all obstacles through our journey to complete the Dragon Run no matter the weather is good or not! We felt funny, just be hero warrior, like Po, Kung Fu!

Let's join and meet the Dragon warriors in the Dragon Run with awesome obstacles on 14th and 15th of May 2016!
When you be Dragon warrior, you sure enjoy to play with your family and friends so very fun! In Genting, a Dragon and mysterious monsters are waiting for you all! Jom JOIN NOW!

For detailed information and updates, visit:

My mom and I join the media, bloggers and staff of Citrine One to take the memories photo together after our refreshments lunch at Awana Resort.

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wfc said…
wow... it's great run . having fun with dragon run!!
cre8tone said…
Sounds like fun run! Run with the dragon somemore.. fui yoh!
it looks fun. glad you enjoyed there
Unknown said…
Sob sob I missed out the fun as hv another preset appointment.
Hope can join this event next time.
Syafiera Yamin said…
14 is coming are you going? I would like to go but not sure whether want to do it or not ;(
Miera Nadhirah said…
I missed out on it... it sure looked like a helluva fun....
Caroline said…
Look super fun!! Hope they gonna have this for next year too!
Ivy Kam said…
The event looks very impressive, especially the dragon shape inflatable obstacle :)
Sunshine Kelly said…
Wow such a fun day out and workout in Genting. I wish to join the race too.
Selina Wing said…
I have appt on my friend's wedding on 14 May, maybe I will giveaway free tickets x 2 for you all soon. :D
Selina Wing said…
Yeah! Hope next year they will come again :D
Shiv B said…
Oh that looks like such fun. Never really knew that these sort of events take place at Genting.
Unknown said…
Argh! I missed it. It's look so fun but the venue seem a bad idea for everyone. :(