[Movie Review] Star Wars: The Force Awaken @ TGV Cinema, Kepong KL

My good friend and I like to watch the "Star Wars The Force Awaken" movie which are very popular in the worldwide, after 30 years of "destruction of second Death Star" and death of "Darth Vader". Luke Skywalker, who is last Jedi are going to disappeared from the Star Wars world! Do you miss the previous movies since you are kid? Nevermind, you get to know about the Jedi hero's family tree only, so you can imagined that this family always fight with the evil people who disturbed the peace of galactic planets.

I still wonder why their galactic never get peace so the war between good and evil always happen on every time? Okay!  STAR WARS is back. This movie focus on a new girl's adventure journey. I glad that they make other hero, Rey who is very strong and brave girl, with new friends in this movie, so it won't be boring for everyone.

I like a cute BB-8 because it are special robot can move so freely than old robots in old Star Wars. Everyone want to buy the BB-8 as their pet toy! It can work with the human as well, as Poe and Rey treated BB-8 as his good friend, not robot toy.

Rey, Finn and BB-8 stole Han Solo's Millennium Falcon from the thiefs in Planet Jakku. I missed the Millennium Falcon so much! It is very cool, and easy to avoid from the enemies. I surprised that Han Solo's son joined the evil force so sadly! I think that his son want to follow his grandfather's dream to build new strongest force Jedi in the galactic.

I don't know how the Han Solo's family broke up and his children separated each other, maybe because they have difficult to control their awaken force? I cannot wait for Luke who will appear at end story but, he is not. It focused Rey and his friends who save the galactic planets from the evil force, good job!

This movie make us learn the inspiration lessons that the young girls can do anything with her skills and talent without depends on the guys. You can become smart and take care of yourself, so you never give up when you are alone. And you can be friend with anybody or robot or monsters without look at the colour of skin and races. That is what Rey, Finn, Poe, and BB-8 can become good friends to help each other since they want to save who are in the trouble. 

We should not be greedy for the money and power, and always trust your own friend in your friendship so we can win everything when we push yourself to do success no matter you are failure!

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