[Movie Review] Boruto: Naruto The Movie @ GSC Cinema Malaysia

My sister and I also love Anime alot. We decided to watch the "Boruto: Naruto The Movie" movie again! Last time, my good friend, James and I went to watch the Naruto movie about how he fell love with Hinata, who was his classmate who has a crush on him for long time, please see my full review; The Last: Naruto The Movie. When we watched it, I feel like this story just beginning... Everyone can see Naruto's back when he become Seventh Hokage through many hardships and ordeals, he became a capable ninja regarded as a hero both by the villagers too.

Naruto and Sasuke are back again as the their fans are very happy, but we feel amazed by their strong technique and skills! We shocked that Sasuke already be strong enough when the movie just started out... He still never give up and not allow to be killed by his enemies, that is why he developed to be a very skilled ninja who don't have his left arm. He still can beat who tried to destroy his village, Konoha during his mission because he wants to protect his family and friends who live in his village. And Naruto cannot leave his village since he always busy alot after he be Hokage. Naruto only can leave once if he senses the case is dangerous there outside his village. That is Naruto put his trust in Sasuke so deeply.

I thought that an orphan, Naruto to spend more time with his kids, because he needs his parent so much, but When Naruto be Hokage, it is not easy for him to put his time to spend with his loved family. Surprisingly, his Shadow Clones always busy do Hokage's jobs so difficulty at same time, Naruto was overworking himself. Hinata, his wife who understand him only and she put alot effort to put Boruto and Himawari to feel love enough so they are lucky to have Naruto and Hinata.

I see a lot of technological advancements in this ninja world. I never expected that ninja world can accept the science and technology? They introduced new inventions is a ninja tool that allows the wearer to release any kind of jutsu without them having to spend their own chakra. It is suitable for the ninja who don't have chakra but, they can become lazy. It is banned in the ninja's exam and missions, cause it make troubles if the enemies will get it!

I like Boruto and Naruto's family bond are strong to beat a strongest enemies and how Sasuke and Naruto always fight with them when they show off their chakra so real! Wow, Boruto become Sasuke's pupil. I thought he is cold to everyone..but he become nice guy because Naruto??

I can see the friendship between Boruto and Sarada is one of the best parts of the film as we enjoyed to watch how the kids to learn how to work together in a team, and they always learn new skills from their father. Good for Sarada will be the eighth Hokage if her clan, Uchiha get first time! At same time, Boruto will be fighting by her side. I wonder if Sarada and Boruto fell in love? I really want to see their father's expression!

I believe that Konoha always be in peace since the next generation of shinobi come along to teach us the value of teamwork, perseverance, and love as Naruto and Sasuke's family love continue to be forever! I still like Naruto and Sasuke are strongest shinobi in Ninja world because their friendship become better. Hinata and Sakura also be close friend too, but they are strong mother too!

Be honest, I really want to see how Himawari become strong than Boruto since she got Hinata and Naruto's power? Maybe Himawari be close to Sarada because their level are very amazing if they become mature so quickly. Naruto  and Sasuke knew their own daughter will be impress their strong power to make everyone shocked!

Don't forget to catch the credits, since you want to know who are Mitsuki's parent? He is very mysterious shinobi in the same group as Boruto, will tell you about his secret at the very end of movie. It make you will get a shocking! For me, Mitsuki is cute kid. I guess that he will become brilliant guy as his dad. I don't know so much about Mitsuki.

Feel like to see this child grow up so big, he will become strong as his father? Interested in this movie, please watch the cool trailer below;

Cool! I hope that Naruto's author will make new movie again. Good news for Naruto readers! New Boruto manga will launch soon on 19 December 2015! We sure will wait for this! I give a best rating for this movie because they improved this movie to make the characters become cool and can show off their skills than The Last: Naruto The Movie!

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