Be Cool in Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run 2015, Shah Alam #iwlutnr

My good friends and I took the part in the Men & Women's Health Night run before, so we think that the night run is cool. We decided to join the Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run in Shah Alam. I got to know the details about the Ice-Watch's giveaway to every 6th registrant who will receive a gift of a watch "Ice-Watch" worth RM379 when they registered with the Marathon Company. For the category of men and women (10km), who are fastest runner to get a watch brand "Ice-Watch" worth RM699 too.

We also worried that the raining will come when we will run along 10km in Shah Alam? We came to the Plaza Shah Alam Mall near the hotel and shoplets. First time, I visited this mall but my good friends already went there! Before this event started, I went to collect the T-shirts from the Plaza Shah Alam and shocked to see a very long queued people who waited for them already!

We planned to come earlier to the Plaza Shah Alam before 4pm, because we worried the raining can cause us be struck in the traffic jam so far. I saw many runners come to collect their T-shirt at the booth beside the Ice-Watch shop once we reached the mall there. And the performance of this event showed off as the MC guy gave an opening of ceremony.

My good friends and I also met many Deaf friends who joined the Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run so earlier before the event started! They want to experience how they can run along 5km, different than our route 10km. I hope that Kimberly, who is my best friend who will win the "Ice-Watch" watch but it is very competitive for her when the tough runners who run faster than her! She don't mind if she don't get a new watch so she focuses her main marathon's goal. She is faster runner in my group only.

We keep to do exercise before our route started at 8pm. We enjoyed to see many runners who wear the orange T-shirts at Plaza Shah Alam so very beautiful. And we got free "Ice-Watch" wristband in different colour which provided by the volunteers. I saw each Deaf who enjoyed to paint two colours; yellow and pink, then we tried it out. We are one team to run together when we recognize each other so easy. Kim and her friend are running so fast than me and my good friend, Woan Koon. Wow!

We busy to focus our running along the route 10km at same time, we enjoyed to view a very beautiful places, such as blue mosque, hill the park, and house areas. There are two water stations in 10km routes only, but luckily, the volunteers who gave us to keep the small water bottles to drink when we need to finish the hills in 10km! Finally, we completed our 10km route in our Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run! Thanks to my good friends' encouragement, make me never give up four my running. Great for Deaf team who completed 5km too.

Interested to run for your sake of health? Check out on the events are organized by Marathon Company facebook:

Or you can visit the Marathon Company website to check out for more details.

I am really love my cat, Miu Miu who waited for me when I was late to back home from the Ice-Watch Light Up The Night Run at midnight. Miu Miu is cute when she was hugging me!

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Ainim Rashihah said…
Hi, nice entry. I'm joining the event too..luckily I won the free ice watch.
Selina Wing said…
HI Ainim, me too. I am lucky to get free ice watch so cool!