[Movie Review] Spectre - James Bond, 007 are back!

My dad really love James Bond's movies because he used to watch it on many times. James Bond is really cool and intelligent guy who always be calm down when he faces his near-death on many times during his secret missions! I don't remember what was happening to James's boss when I saw this movie, Spectre...Before this, Skyfall 007 showed that James lost everything as he felt, and failed to remember his family history. His family life always be in the darkness, and he could not remember what his parent are doing... Mostly, he remembered his guardian only, then what he get the truth in the Spectre movie? You will learn his family's story if you are curious!

I thought Skyfall is the last movie about after the destruction of his family’s estate and James's boss passed away! I learned that MI6 Headquarters heavily damaged after Skyfall's mission. James tried to track his enemy without the M16's permission, that lead him to seek the help of his trust friends only. It make us curious about a ring have a secret symbolic - Octopus, evil organization... I thought that Octopus organization is really cool, but it still be not enough.

Sometimes, they not explain the details so much, just like fast..He just keep to be quiet and not trust anybody, about his past life, and his parent's death. He just seek his revenge for his guardian and parent who killed... I also don't know how or why his parent be killed, like he live in his secret life only. And his women who he loves also away from him because he thought every lady be in danger when they are at his side..

He cares about every lady's emotional when his lady who lost husband or someone she loves so much, because he need to give his desire to every lady who need him so mostly...But, we wonder about a lady is sex symbol for 007 movies? I don't feel like that. He always act as cool guy who protect his important person who he just care. I think he really need someone support him in his life, maybe because his traume experience of life, especially his mom.

I surprised that James always survival when he get to be in accident on many times. He is superhuman? He don't have his blood on his clothes! He are very brave when he really want to save his lady who he promise with her father! All shooting scenes and punches in the fight on the scenes make me boring... I really miss the old movies which make me interested in the high-technologies & secret spy methods and comedy action which used by Pierce Brosnan who act as James Bond.

I see the racing cars more like Fast & Furious action... But, James's car don't have the tech so much, unlike the old movies, James's cars can be invisible, or auto-driving, or anything can! So, this is normal only.  I don't know if they make more interesting actions on next movie again.

You better watch this movie by your own. I feel that this movie is okay only, just no enough for us! Then I gave this rating - two!

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