Review: Miacare Acne Patch

Acne has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. I always tried to pop my pimples whenever they appears on my face. I like to touch the pimples and it will always make the pimples worse. I used to use another brand of acne patch and it has been a great help in clearing my pimples. Recently, we receive a new acne patch called miacare. It is a new brand in the market and hence I decided to try out.

Miacare acne patch is a ultra-thin clear acne patch that sticks on a pimples to speed up the recovery time and prevent us from touching our pimples. Miacare is made of 100% medical grade hydrocolliod dressing used by medical professional to heal wound. Acne patch works by absorbing the pus from the pimples to reduce inflammation and promote quick drying that helps to clear the pimples in just 72 hours.

Miacare acne patch comes in 3 types:
  • miacare acne patch for DAY
  • miacare acne patch for NIGHT 
  • miacare acne patch for DAY & NIGHT 

Each type also comes in different quantity of acne patch, either 6 or 12 patches. The acne patch is ultra-thin and suitable for daily use. It can even use under make up! Miacare acne patch can be use on whitehead, blackhead, nodules, pustules and cysts. 

Since the acne patch works by drawing the pus out from the pimples, it is important to replace them regularly.The acne patch must be replaced after using for more than 12 hours or when it becomes white colour. The unused acne patch should be stored in a cool, dry place at room temperature to prevent the stickiness from becoming ineffective.

The dotted line under the miacare acne patch allow easy removal of the patches from the sheet without touching the sticky surface. The acne patch is clear thin film that won't be noticeable when it is stick on the skin.

As you can see from the picture, my face have quite a number of pimples. I tried using it on one of my reddish inflamed pimple and it covers the redness well! The type of acne patch I used for my pimple is DAY & NIGHT miacare acne patch.
I had this acne patch overnight and the next day it really suck out the pus from my pimple! The acne patch will turn white due to the pus.Too bad I forgot to take picture of it to show you guys. With one patch, I can see a significant reduction in redness and swelling of my pimple.

I really like this miacare acne patch because it is really thin and it stick well on my face. I have tried another brand of acne patch prior miacare and by comparing both, I would say miacare acne patch win hands down! The ultra-thin and invisible patch is suitable for outdoor use which is most important for me when I have inflamed pimples. My previous acne patch is thick and yellowish and my friends and family will always notice it and ask why I have a dot on my face, which is very embarrassing!

Besides that, I also like to pick on my pimples! With miacare acne patch, it will seal the pimple under a clean condition and prevent my fingers from picking on it. As we all know that picking on pimples can lead to scarring and hence you can see my face often have a lot of scars. But now I couldn't pick on it anymore after sticking the acne patch on my pimples! I totally in love the new acne patch and will definitely buy this again!
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Jocelyn said…
Hello! I find it very useful in drawing out pus from those red and inflamed pimples and prevent pimple scarring. It also helps to reduce my pimples inflammation after using 2-3 patches. :)
Jocelyn said…
Male and female also can use it :)