Night of Fright 3 @ Sunway Lagoon

I love horror movie and haunted house! Horror is always my thing and if anyone suggest to watch horror movie or visit haunted house, I will definitely be the first to sign up! I have heard of Night of Fright since last year, but I was not able to go. But this year, thanks to Go Communications, I got the free passes to try out Night of Fright 3! 

Night of Fright is a fright festival that comes alive in Sunway Lagoon during the month of October and it is only available for 14 nights. According to the map of Night of Fright 3, the front portion of Sunway Lagoon will be used for Night of Fright 3. Decorated in spooky and scary decorations, it really intensified the terror and fright in Sunway Lagoon during the night time!

The Night of Fright 3: Festival of Fear starts at 7.30pm and you can see lots of people queue up to get into Sunway Lagoon! With the night falls, the surrounding in Sunway Lagoon felt much more spookier and scarier. The dim lights and smoky air combined with scary decors really hype up the feel!

First thing I noticed when I was inside the park is there are lots of "ghosts" walking around. Beware of where you walk, because I had a few scares from the "ghosts" that are walking around me! They might silently stand right behind you or whispers into your ears when they walk past. The Halloween decors really intensify the fear in Sunway Lagoon. I was quite scared to walk pass certain area that are dimly lit because you might not know when the ghosts might jump out and catch you!

I am really excited to try out all of the mazes and haunted house! This year they have some new mazes and scary zones such as Death Port, Escape from Pudu 2, Kevil Hill, Sadako Dori and Toxic. I tried all of the mazes and I must say, It was really scary! The first one I went to is the Sadako Dori and I screamed my lungs out! The ghosts are everywhere in the Sadako Dori and I think I spend half of the time inside with my eyes shut.

Besides the mazes and haunted house, we also get to enjoy various performances by the ghouls. The performances is held every hour, and it was really interesting! I have watched 2 of the performances and I must say it is a great performance! I like the fire breathing dance the most! Each members of the group has their own specialties in handling the fire. 

Finally, I took a picture with Mr. and Mrs. Chaos, the star of the Night of Fright 3! I really enjoyed my night in Sunway Lagoon. Apart from haunted maze and haunted house, we also get to enjoy the rides such as roller coaster, pirate ships, spinning cups, ferry wheel wagon and many more. If you guys are going to Night of Fright 3, I would advice you to wear thin layer clothing with short because this is an outdoor event. Even though there are quite a number of indoor haunted mazes, I still sweat a lot due the constant palpitation and screams while I am going through the haunted house! However, it is important to always re-hydrate yourself since the haze is getting really bad each day. 

If you would like to try out Night of Fright 3, please take advantage of their current promotions! The original price of Night of Fright 3 ticket is RM58 per pax. With Sunway Pal card, Digi subscribers, Citibank card holder and Sunway Lagoon annual pass, you can now get the ticket at only RM45 per pax!

Night of Fright 3 is only available on every Thursday to Saturday from 7.30pm-11.30pm for the month of October! 

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