M Boutique Hotel @ Ipoh, Perak Make You Feel Like Stay in Luxury Themed Hotel

Feel free to think of it as your ideal luxury adventures in your travel life. Spend your days relaxing to stay once you enjoy your experience in your lifetime. Come to explore what's inside this hotel when you are free! The M Boutique also make you feel to be inspired as you slowly absorb the surrounding decors into your own imagination world! Thank you to M Boutique for welcoming us to enjoy a free room upgrade! I really love it so much!

I am really surprised that M | SHOP is the boutique shop inside the hotel. It has beautiful displays of goods focusing on the lifestyle of colonial or traditional and some products are their own creation with handcrafted skill.

Many plants and flowers are around you at everywhere, making you feel comfortable. I love to see a lot of green grass or ancient old things when you feel like walking into your imaginative world or living in the traditional 16th century colonial era?

Although I am attracted to a very beautiful nature environment, but I also like the use woods and old ancients' decoration, especially the antique apothecary drawers are cool! I watched TV that decsribed old hotels using the apothecary drawers to keep the key rooms, documents and receipts during the old times. 

First time, I saw four vintage apothecary big big jars, my aunt had difficulty taking the free sweets from a big jars! I helped my aunt to pick some sweets. This is very good deco to place the big jars, but I wish there are some small jars around together with them, so it is easier for the old people or kids can pick free sweets from small jars.

The appealing rows of scented candles and flowers also placed together many attract more custromers to take this photo...That is why some photographers and visitors also like to take photo on the vintage things and pure flowers with the antiques  inside M Boutique

Lead you to discover the perfect of classic-style English which have the wood furniture & metals, but they also have the historic art decor make you recall your old memories. It is the first time I see many old suitcases and gasoline tanks in a hotel! They also put many different lamp at different space at each floor, cool.

I like the face of birds on the plush pillow the sofa when my family and I walk to the entrance which lead us to the car park. The M Boutique also provided free parking, so your family can park behind this hotel.

M | SHOP also bring a very good quality products, toys, gifts and clothes to the customers who interested in their own creation of decoration products. They also sell the products with their own logo, for example, M plush too. Everything also mixed with the inspirational decoration at the window displays.

Okay, let’s nose around this brilliant boutique stay. My family and I went to the 3rd floor, and take a look around our rooms. I really love the creative art theme on every floor, they are really different! Our stay also have a story of Excelsior, please check out at

My mom got a Superior room (super peak period with RM242 included breakfast) is 14 sq. m cozy, compact and tastefully decorated. It is small but give you still make you feel comfortable to sleep in this room. It also have every classic style English.

After this, I was happy to stay in the Suite, it is so big! My aunt and I also share a very big bed with the pillows and plushs. My mom told me that the pillows are stuffed with real duck feathers. I always see a rocking horse standing on the table in my suite and superior room. I think that It is suitable for the Excelsior themed floor. That is why this floor have horses and butterfly & bugs photos only at outside of rooms.

I also love the beautiful card with the "Strangers as Friends" motto, mean they want to treat us as their good friends? They really want to give better service to the guests always. You will get free cute mini-size bottles and snacks when you explore your own room.

Then, we visited the 2nd floor; Majestic theme which have the attractive of Asian affinity for numbers or numerology, and primitive cave art pictured the deers? I also see the numbers put on the weird. They tried to give a quiz to the customers who are wandering around this floor?

My mom and I really want to see if there anything interesting in the 1st floor. It called "Adventure Floor", giving a story about hunting in the jungle, and explore the animals too. It make me feel like in the Safari Zoo?

If you want to do exercise in the early morning, you can come to the gym. It is open 24 hours, just go when you feel like it to 1st floor.

You also can read the newspapers and relax in this lounge area! Or you can surf the Internet with Mac laptop, wow. It is cool for everyone can come to rest and chat-chit at the living room.

This environment also have unqiue atmosphere. It resembles the old family home. High-quality wooden furntiure, dressers, sofas, with antique vases and candlestickes, everything sparkles with the warmth feeling of family! You can have free Self service laundry, including the detergent and softener when you want to wash your dirty clothes. You can rest a while, you drink free water and read the newspaper at the living room while waiting for your laundry in washing process.

Myth Eatery & Bar and Oldtown White Coffee also joined the M Boutique so the custromers can choose which one if they want to eat for breakfast. I decided to try the Myth Eatery & Bar, I got my continental breakfast with free hot tea only. My mom surprised when she entered the Oldtown White Coffee Grand as it also have the beautiful decoration too!

If you are boutique hotel lover, or love sensational unique hotel, or travel-savvy who loves stylish rooms, and the beautiful decor, Then, try to stay in M Boutique hotel! They can deliver the greatest experiences to make you feel like you are in good mood, eg. fantastical happy or romantic on your holiday trip!

Please visit the official website at to check the rates or make reservations. I heard from my mom that this hotel are always full during the public holidays and weekends. Follow them on facebook - so you won't miss their promotional discounts!

M Boutique Hotel,
2 Hala Datuk 5,
31650, Ipoh, Perak,
Tel: +605-2555566
Fax: +605-2551777
Join them at

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cre8tone said…
I'm going to book this hotel for my next Ipoh trip! Stunning!
Selina Wing said…
Great! Got two boutiques there. You try other "M boutique 18" in Ipoh. ;)
FiSh said…
It really looks very posh there. And i love the vintage theme in the room. Worth checking out if im in ipoh
Anis Farhana said…
Woah you're right! Looks luxurious <3 I like the overall edgy architectural feels. Btw those pictures are gorgeous!
Mike Yip said…
One of those buildings I always see whenever I'm in Ipoh and uses their toilet whenever I need to do an emergency toilet stop. LOL
wow looks like nice place to stay. So long no go Ipoh, sure miss my classmates.
Janice Yeap said…
the hotel is beautiful. I would like to stay in this place one day if i visit Ipoh :)
Emily said…
I may be from Ipoh but this is one of the hotels that I have spent nights at, and enjoyed myself.
Aliza Sara said…
Such a fancy hotel! I love the vintage look of it. AHHH! I WANT MY BEDROOM TO LOOK LIKE THEIRS.
Pamela Yeoh said…
the rooms looks awesome. Next round to Ipoh can stay here d
Miera Nadhirah said…
Wow... what a stunning hotel... I was looking through Melaka hotels and saw one there too.. not sure if it is the same brand... but the one in Ipoh sure is amazing
Rawlins GLAM said…
I would love to go there
Will try to stay in the hotel when I go there
Sunshine Kelly said…
OMG this is such a luxury and vintage hotel tucked in the quiet city of Ipoh. Love the decor and mood inside the hotel.
Isaac Tan said…
really love the luxurious look.. with gold theme.
Isabel said…
wowww the place looks amazing!! Love how they decorated the lobby and the rooms omgg!! I would die if this is my room haha
Unknown said…
the place decor is lovely, I'll definitely book this hotel on my next trip to Ipoh
Ivy Kam said…
Wow, such a nice hotel in the town of Ipoh, will definitely check it out when I'm there :)
Leona Lim said…
i definitely love this kind of themed hotels, there are just so many angles and corners for amazing phototaking, you should have taken some family pics there.
sweetrainfall said…
Beautiful nostalgic hotel, mesmerizing the old times day back... :D