Koyaku Japanese Dining @ Taman Desa, KL

Who doesn't love Japanese food? My sister and I are Japanese food lover! We are always on a quest to try out different Japanese restaurant and Sashimi is one of our favourite Japanese food of all time! Koyaku Japanese Dining is a hidden gem of Japanese restaurant in Taman Desa. Apparently Koyaku Japanese Dining is famous within the Japanese community as one of the restaurant that can reminisce them about their home country, Japan. 

Nestled in the heart of Taman Desa, Koyaku Japanese Dining is located at the ground floor of Fabere Tower. Koyaku means "little hut" in Japanese, hence the internal of this restaurant was build in a wooden concept. They have three private rooms inside the restaurant that mimic a wooden hut. Diners can utilize these huts for their private gathering or formal meeting. If you are not fancy of being enclose in a small hut, you can dine out their outdoor deck that overlook the field behind the Fabere Tower. 

Koyaku Japanese Dining is dimly lit and the interior decor is very unique and interesting! A life size Ganbare Robocon stands right in the middle of the restaurant and various size of Astro Boy figurines can be seen throughout the whole restaurant. Small Japanese dolls and Japanese decors can seen everywhere in the restaurant. 

Beside that, the wall of the restaurant is covered with Japanese paper boxes that can't be found anywhere in Malaysia. According to the owner, these paper boxes are collected by the owner himself when he is in Japan. He went to the Japanese market to select and cut out the paper boxes by himself. The Japanese diners commented that these paper boxes gives them a nostalgic feeling because all these boxes can only be seen in Japan.

Apart from paper boxes, the restaurant is also selling imported Japanese fruits and wine! Japan's locally grown sweet potatos, turnips, mangoes, musk melon and avocado can be seen on the counter. Various types of sake and Japanese wine is also displayed on the counter and diners can purchase it to drink.

Koyaku restaurant also ferment the ume (Japanese plum) by themselves. During the ume season, they offer the diners an individual jar where they can ferment their own ume for a few months. A row of small jars with a little name card is seen along the counter and the diners can come back for their ume when the fermentation process is complete. 

The quality of food in Koyaku restaurant is top-notch! All the food they served flew in directly from Japan and is served the the freshest state. The sashimi really fresh and sweet! I have never tasted such a fresh sashimi before! The salmon belly and white tuna are my favourite sashimi! The sashimi is served in thick slices and when you bite it, it was really juicy and yummy!

Chef Special Sashimi - MARKET PRICE
Chef Selection of Premium Sashimi

Salmon Tataki Salad - RM18
Fresh Salad with Seared Salmon

Ankimo with Sea Snail, Japanese Gingko, Caviar, and Chilli Radish

Salad Sashimi Wrap

Deep Fried Breaded Unagi with Foie Gras 

When dining in Japanese restaurant, sushi is also a must on our menu! The chef special maki sushi was the best sushi that I have ever had. The chef uses premium ingredient to create the maki sushi and it was unique and tasty too! I love the Salmon Belly with Sea Urchin as they taste so fresh and juicy, and Cha Soba Maki Sushi is a sushi that made of soba noodle rather than rice!

Chef Special Maki Sushi
Chef Selection of Premium Maki Sushi

Phoenix Roll - RM32
Fried Breaded Tiger Prawn wrapped in Avocado

Koyaku Special Temaki - RM13
Fresh Salmon, Salmon Roe and Avocado, Kyuri Hand Roll

Tuna Avocado Temaki - RM12
Tuna with Avocado Hand Roll

Soft Crab Temaki - RM12
Soft Shell Crab Hand Roll

Koyaku Special Cawan Mushi - RM22
Foie Gras, Ikura and Crab Meat Steamed Egg Custard

Finally, we ended our awesome dinner with Kyoho Grape! We were lucky that Kyoho Grape is in season when we dine in the restaurant. The Kyoho Grape is the tastest grape that I have ever tasted! It is so juicy that every bite you take will have the sweet grape juice gushing out from the fruit into your mouth.  

Kyoho Grape 

Koyaku Japanese Dining is a real authentic Japanese restaurant. They also offered Omakase dining (starting from RM150) where the chef will be deciding and serving you the sushi and sashimi that he chose and made. It is different from ala carte where you order the meal that you like. Omakase dining would be a great experience for people that love sashimi as the chef will serve the freshest and finest selection of sashimi available in the restaurant!

For more information, please visit Koyaku Japanese Dining & Grill's website and facebook page.

Lot G8 & G9, Ground Floor, 
Podium Block, Faber Tower, 
Jalan Desa Bahagia,
Taman Desa, 58100,
Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-79844688


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