I won ShopCoupons X Rakuten Blogger Contest and get RM100 Rakuten Malaysia

Last May 2015, I also excited to get RM100 Rakuten Malaysia to shopping since I was winner for the ShopCoupons X Rakuten Blogger Contest! Yahoo! Curious about how I get it? You can read my previous post, "Top 5 Mystery Make Me Find Out on Rakuten Malaysia". I got my idea to choose my theme "Mystery" which are suitable for a very old typing machine! The "Mystery" theme also attract the readers and judges of ShopCoupons, that is why I chosen again! Thank you, ShopCoupons, my readers, my parents & friends for reading my blog!

How to shopping in Rakuten Malaysia with used the 100 points?  

*You have few points if you bought some from Rakuten Malaysia, so you can try to use your points to deduct your price, in order to save money, ya!

I decided to buy my new game for PS3, Lighting Returns, Final Fantasy XIII from Game Hypermart in the Rakuten Malaysia. It is expensive  RM 136.70 because the Final Fantasy XIII is very popular, right? I am fan of Final Fantasy, always collect the Final Fantasy series games as my sisters and I really love it so much!

Once I added my cart in my account Rakuten Malaysia, I used 102 points to cut the price, but I have to charged by the shipping fee, RM6 too.

After I tick "Apply Rakuten Super Points towards order", I make my payment via Internet banking online to pay RM40.74 then it's done! See my order confirmed already. It's easy only. I also take my point, +1.36 points in my account "SuperPoints". p/s: You still can collect more points when you always buy many things via Rakuten Malaysia.

After Merdeka weekend finished, they send delivery to me so quickly, it just take one day to reach my home! I amazed with their fast delivery and my PS3 game, "Lighting Returns, Final Fantasy XIII" are new in the good condition from from Game Hypermart in the Rakuten Malaysia. I also received the receipt and voucher code promo so great!

I get to save RM100, thanks to Shopcoupons. What you think about the Shopcoupons Malaysia and Rakuten Malaysia?  Be smile! You first time to hear the Shopcoupons Malaysia coupons website? You need the discounts' codes to save your money? If yes, please go to the Shopcoupons Malaysia now!

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Selina Wing said…
Yeah, I am lucky to win! You should enter blog contest too :)