Review: P1 Self Care App

My family has been a loyal P1 subscriber since a couple of years back and we enjoyed P1 services very much. P1 broadband internet has a fast connectivity and we have never encountered any problems using P1.

Recently I found out that P1 has released a brand new app called "P1 Self Care App" that can control your P1 subscription via a click of a button on the phone. This app is everything that I wanted! Before this app is out, I always have a hard time top-up my internet quota, paying my bill, changing any particulars of my subscription. 

I downloaded the app immediately and it was so easy to use! I just need to log in once and it will always stay connected in the app and I really like that I can always keep tract of my P1 internet subscription.

There has been a couple of times I have exceeded my monthly quota due to my excessive downloading movies, and it is hard to keep tract of my usage without a guide. It was such a pain whenever I exceed my monthly quota at the beginning of month! But now with the P1 Self Care App, I was able to constantly keep tract of my monthly quota so I wouldn't have to exceed it again! The monthly quota is showed on the welcome page of the app and it also shows the date that the quota will be expired.

Besides checking on my monthly quota, it also has P1 internet top up button! With just a click of a button, you can top up effortlessly without any interruption to the internet surfing. It has 3 top up selections to choose and everything is easy to understand. The quota summary page showed the total quota balance that you have left and any top-up quota that you have left.

P1 Self Care App is really a great app to use for all P1 subscribers! I used to receive smses regarding my total bill amount and sometimes I accidentally delete the sms before I pay the bill. Now with the P1 Self Care App, it will show me the amount that I should pay for the month and also the billing details. I get to check the bill details and also my internet usage. I can pay the bill from the app via credit card on IPAY88 Service.

I am also able to view our account details and edit any information with just a click of a button. I like how they actually listed out all my account details and particular, so that I can remember what type of package I signed up last time. I can even change my email subscriptions and password in this app too! Unfortunately, the down side for this app is that the billing address button is always crashed whenever I clicked on it. 

Image result for P1 self care appOverall, P1 Self Care App is really easy to use and navigate as all the button are located at the bottom row which is convenient to press. With this app, I can now keep tract of my internet usage, pay my bills, purchase extra quota and manage my P1 subscription with a click of a button!

For more information, please visit P1 Self Care today! 

You can download P1 Self Care App for Android and iOS below:

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