Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream at The Mines Shopping Gallery, Seri Kembangan

It's Sangkaya Signature, 4 scoops of the typical Thai style coconut ice cream (RM 10.50) in a halved coconut shell together with the coconut flesh. You can add your own toppings from a selection that includes corn niblets, toasted coconut and peanuts or coconut strips. I just felt like the coconut milk from ice-cream with coconut fresh, so how? I learned about the secret behind their creamy coconut ice-cream is the usage of pure coconut milk!

First time, I eat Cha Yen (brown Ice cream) mixed with Coconut ice cream (white) from the Signature, what is "Cha Yen"? It's Thai milk tea infused coconut ice-cream. Many people in Thailand used to drink the milk tea as their favourite in their life. I tasted that the milk tea really are different!


When I finish the ice-cream, I see a very beautiful coconut flesh curly! 

I saw many people always queued so long at the Sangkaya store at Level 1, The Mines Shopping Gallery because they launched the grand opening with new store, then they offered the promotion about you buy 1 Sangkaya Signature, you will get 50% off for a day on last 15 August, 2015! Thank you to Nick Kee, the manager who invited me to attend his launch event at The Mines!

If you miss it, you don't worry it! You can check out for the updates when you want to get FREE ice cream or promo discounts on the signature at! Do not miss it, ya!

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sweetrainfall said…
So water-mouthing! Only at Seri Kembangan dear?