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Have you heard of KKBOX? KKBOX is the pioneer and the leading digital music platform in Asia, and it is available in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. KKBOX has been operating in Malaysia for more than 2 years!

Recently, I just found out about KKBOX from my sister, Selina Wing won a Ramadan gift box from KKBOX! Then I try to use KKBOX app with my iphone after my sister encouraged me to listen the music! KKBOX also be available for GooglePlay and Apple iTunes Store. Or you can install the KKBOX software if you used your laptop, click here. It's FREE! KKBOX can bring the ultimate music experience when you enjoy music via smartphone, desktop, tablet, or even download songs into your devices for offline listening, wherever you go or while you are relaxing in home!

The Ramadan gift box has a very pretty karma delicacy and a clock too! I have tried the kurma and it comes in different toppings such as almond, pumpkin seed, chocolate and etc. The clock signifies the waking for Sahur during Ramadan time. There are 3 different playlists of Ramadan songs namely Jom Puasa Adik-Adik, Ramadan Datang Lagi, and Zikir Ramadan. These playlists are specially compiled by KKBOX in celebration of Ramadan period!

KKBOX is having a Special Raya Offer- Buy 1 Get 2 Free! Users can subscribe to KKBOX for 30 days music service via Online Banking and receive an extra 2 months for free to enjoy various songs during this period of time.

KKBOX also allow personalization for the users in the latest KKBOX App that released in 10th June. This feature allows users to download themes from the Theme Store via Settings to personalize their KKBOX experience. Examples of themes can be used are UK Fever, Doodle, Coffee Time and more. You can set the themes to the mood that you are feeling at any time.
I have been trying out KKBOX for a month and I must say that I really do love it! I have unlimited access of musics such as KPOP, Mandarin, Cantonese, JPOP, English, International, Malay songs too!  There is also a karaoke version for the songs I like. I can now sing at anywhere I like! Besides that, you can also share the musics or playlists with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

KKBOX also running an interesting project called "Live Session". KKBOX collaborated with the local music celebrities such as Shae & Nukilan, 6ixth Sense, Didi Astillah, Tilu Band, Awi Rafael, Diandra Arjunaidi, Asmidar and Oh Chentaku to present music in a fresh and fun way. The "Live Session" videos are up starting last April and KKBOX planning for a second "Live Session" in a bigger scale of event! You can get the latest updates on "Live Session" via the YouTube channel "KKBOXMalaysia" - See link here.


KKBOX, Asia's leading music streaming service, was estalished in 2004 by a group of Taiwanese software programmers with a shared passion for technology and music. With the support from more than 500 international major and local independent music labels, KKBOX features 20 million legal tracks, including the most comprehensive Asia-Pop music library, and is currently available in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand with over 10 million users.
is committed to creating a truly immersive online music experience to users, and to empower artists and their music through technological innovation. With its advanced product technology, strategic vision and strong local partnership, KKBOX is aggressively expanding into international markets.

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