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My sister and I want to bring my dad who never try the Vietnamese food so I check on ENSOGO Malaysia, then we decided to buy 1 pax of Royale Vietnam's Buffet for my dad. Royale Vietnam is really great because we got an unique buffet experience where you can order unlimited amount and types of food and drinks from their menu.

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We went to Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. I surprised that there are many restaurants are very creative and provided a very different culture food in the Starhill Gallery Mall. Long time, I don't go there! We came early before 1pm. I saw everything are red in the Royale Vietnam, I recall like to celebrate Chinese New Year! The Royale Vietnam' dishes comes by a complimentary salad bowl of lettuce greens and fresh herbs only. So, the Vietnamese food is one of the healthiest cuisines because we only eat more vegetables, and you better to try Vietnamese' taste meats - less oily, and also filled with the herbs too.

 I love the lotus and other flowers are placed at each table! Lanterns also good too!

We are first customer of Royale Vietnam, who welcomed by a very friendly staff! He guided us to sit on a very comfortable chair with table! We got the menu "Royale Vietnam" so we can order anything as we like so very good! We love their buffet Vietnamese food.

Fruity Milk Shake - Mango, Jackfruit, Carrot & Orange - each RM17.80

Combination Appetizer Platter - RM 40.90

Snow Fungus with Crab Meat Soup - RM16.90

It is traditional healthy soup from west Vietnam, using snow fungus & crab meat which is very good for lung stomach, and brain. You will be better for trying a great soup after tired day of work! I really love a healthy soup - crab! But, for me, it alike Chinese "Shark Fan" soup. It is highy recommended!

Butter Prawn - RM 48.90

Deep Fried Buttered Prawn Served with "Yau Cha Kui" Fried Bread Stick, loved by everyone! I love the butter sauce always no matter comes with crab, chicken or prawn! Its sweet and delicious prawn so soft!

Crispy Soft Shell Crab - RM32.90

It is deep fried crispy soft shell crab, filled by Vietnamese' homeade fish sauce.

Royale Vietnam five Kind Beef - RM55.90

It give most 5 different tastes of beef with fresh mixed vegetables on the side. It can bring a very great taste of juicy beef! My sister and I like the vietnamese rolls, which made by a staff... She showed us that her demo about how to make a roll... My sister tried to learn it too.



Royale Vietnam Flaming Coconut Seafood Curry - RM 38.90

House Famous Flaming Seafood Curry with Prawn, Squid with mixed vegetables in Cocount! I really shocked that it can be hot flame in a claypot!! It is not very spicy but I feel that it get more coconut a lot. There are many flavour vegetable into this claypot.

The staffs are friendly, then they serve us so very nicely. They also come to clean and take away dirty plates from our table so they let us enjoy to drink more, then we enjoyed to chat-chit. We happy to get free WiFi to surf the internet so this speed of WiFi is normal so good.

You miss it? Next time, ENSOGO will bring the Royale Vietnam back to you again, ya! You can try other restaurant or products' deals @ ENSOGO ANDROID, ya!



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