I Am 80's Cafe @ SS4 Petaling Jaya

This is my main favourite are 80's Signature Sharing for 4- 5 person, because I really love the roast half chicken with BBQ & tarter sauce so delicious! The fish & chips and 12" chicken sausage also easy bite so soft too. I surisped that hash brown also be there! My sister and I really love to eat the hash brown, it is not easy to find the hash brown in any cafe! The 80's Signature - 2 roast half chicken, Onion Ring, 12" Chicken Sausage, 2 Fish & chips, 2 Sweet Corn, hash brown, garden salad, pesto bread, hotdog, fries with BBQ & tartar sauce. It's enough for a family can share it together!

My good friend, James and I invited by Seeties Malaysia for the food review about "I Am 80's" Cafe which are located at SS4, Petaling Jaya. We never expected that this cafe is hidden in the old industries place, SS4! We thought it is normal cafe which provided the western food and coffee only. But, we surprised by the beautiful of decoration cafe, more like modern and old styles are mixed together!

I love two tables - flag "United Kingdom" with "China". I really like to hug the cute doggies and cats' face pillow cushion! There are few things are very old in 80's too!

Why this cafe get a name "I Am 80's"? Because if you born in 80's year, then you are part of 80's generation, just like James and I also born in 80's! And many things also come from 80's year, also make us remember our sweet memories in our life! 

TK Dong, "I Am 80's" owner guided us to the underground basement, make us shocked! First time, we walked down to the basement, and see everything is beautiful around this place so colorful! The customers enjoyed to chat-chit together in the basement. I not worry that this place is not very hot, so cool! If you plan your reunion event, you can explore and enjoy to meet with friends in a big place!

I am really love the art graphic on each poster! The display posters show all superheros, Disney, Anime characters, and celebrities so nice! I see a very big Darth Vader poster, wow! I think mostly Star Wars's fans like Darth Vader, maybe the owner also are his fan too! I also never forget my favorite' characters in 80's like the Anime robot (Japanese), and Spider-man. A cute Minion is very popular for the kids nowadays!

James saw the mini horse rides made in the wood! He told me that he very miss it so much! I asked him to try to ride on this mini horses! When we are kids, we used to ride on the old wooden-horse so much! Now, we see the kids get to ride in a mini cars or bicycles only! That is why long time we miss this wooden-horses. We enjoyed to see everything in 80's come back to this cafe!

When the bloggers gathered together, we got the menu "I Am 80's" to check the main dishes, sandwiches, dessert, salad, and drink, especially, a very special drink; Frozen Fruits Smooties Shake! They also like to create their own recipe food to make different and new unique dish!

We were hungry and get free lemon + orange + mint water so it can refill if you want more. First, the 80's Signature Sharing for 4- 5 person, worth good reasonable price, RM 75 only! But we, 6-8 bloggers who finished one big sharing plate only! Wow.

Mushroom Soup 

I love a creamy mushroom soup with truffle oil! James like to eat it so much! Next time, we will order it for sure!

Smoked duck pesto - Homemade pesto sauce, smoked duck breast, shitake mushroom

I thought that it looks as spaghetti, I am not "mee" fan, but smoked duck breast is very delicious! It's really good tasty! I recommended it is best dish!

Charcoal grilled chicken chop

Yummy! I fell love on the roasted chicken chop with black pepper raisin sauce! Easy to cut the chicken chop! I want to lick more sauce on a plate.

Caesar Smoked Salmon - Baby gem with spicy crouton, wantan skin

Dragonfruit, Apple and Mango with Magic ball - Frozen Fruits Smooties Shake also good to drink cold! You can try the Frozen fruits smooties shake because it is healthy, get bubbles! It looks like Chatime!

Hazelnut chocolate with cookies

80's American Breakfast 

For me, it is enough for 2 persons. This big breakfast also have 12" chicken sausage, hash brown, baguette, smoked chicken ham, baked bean, scramble egg, garden salad, and sauteed onion potato. I really love the baked bean and scramble egg so much!

First time, I eat the Sizzling Vanilla ice cream with bread toast and butter pudding...when the chocolate cream come down on the top on the vanilla ice cream. It looks like hot sizzling cook the toast with butter dessert! I like this so delicious!

80's Kom Pia - Snack

Long time I don't eat Kom Pia as I know it is pork meat inside the Kom Pia. It also called "Kompyang" sound like "Kom Pia" is one of traditional cake, which are most popular in China. But this cafe is free-pork so, they can do different Kom Pia - chicken and beef meat mixed together into a bun..but mostly I tasted more chicken, just like a small burger! It is very great taste!

Sarsi soda are difficult to look for... this Sarsi looks very old with tradisional label, make us recall our memories about we always buy the Sarsi or Vanilia soda from the stall with 80 sen or RM 1.20 only since we are small when we lived in the village in 80s year! So, this cafe only have the Sarsi soda so you can get it so easy if you missed it so much!

80's Signature coffee -
it is very bitter coffee! I don't like it but I think chocolate also inside the coffee a bit? I see this bottle coffee - alike Chocolate drink! If you are Coffee lover, you better try it out!
80's Signature coffee

Yo! I AM CUTE HUSKY? I really miss my late pet dog, Nikki because it alike as white Husky!

"HELLO! I AM HUSKY! WHo Am I? I love cute faces pushies so much!" - James says.

Thank you to TK Dong, "I Am 80's" cafe owner, Audery - Seeties Malaysia, and the bloggers who helped to explain to my friend, James who are hard-hearing when they translated from Chinese to English because Deaf Malaysians are used the main language, English and Bahasa Malaysia only.

I heard that the dog owners can bring their own pet, dog come to this cafe, so wow! The "I Am 80's" cafe allowed you can bring your pet but you have to bring your pet's food too after u get the permission from the owner's "I Am 80's" cafe, ya!

Are you worrying about the parking car? Not many cars are parking there because the industries shops are closed, expect the cafes only can opened on every sat and sun! Many houses and schools are around this place too, that a lot of young students and families also come to visit this cafe on every night! There are lunch promotion also be available, when you want to save money, then come to eat lunch time, ya!

Next time, I will bring my Deaf friends to try the "I Am 80's" cafe when I am free!

I Am 80's Cafe
35, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Mon to Sat:10.30am - 10.30 pm
Sunday: 9.30am - 10.30pm

Contact: +603 7497 2846 when you want to reserve a table when you bring your group friends! 

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sweetrainfall said…
WoW! A good thing to know that we have this special "I am 80's Cafe" we will dearly miss our fantasic years back! Thank you for the good recommendation. I will make a visit to the cafe someday!