Great delivery services from ENSOGO for purchase with SELINA20

Last week my sister had a promo code of SELINA20 from ENSOGO to provide her readers with a RM20 off a purchase of RM60 and above. Personally I think this is a great deal and I immediately went online to ENSOGO website to search for things to buy!
I love to try out different skin care products and because of this I always splurge in them. When I was browsing through ENSOGO, the first thing I would look at is  skin care. There are a few products that caught my eyes and I have been contemplating on which to buy. In the end I decided to buy Melvita NATURALIFT Youthful Skin Serum from the clearance section which is now SOLD OUT!

The process of purchasing this product is smooth and easy. You can pay with debit/credit cards, paypal or online banking. With the code SELINA20 type in, I got the additional discount which make the product much more cheaper and it has free delivery too! I bought this product on 26 June and by 30 June I received the delivery right at my house!

I was amazed with their delivery services! When they send it to my house, no one is at home except my sister. Since my sister is deaf, she cannot hear the honk from the delivery man and hence she did not go out to sign the parcel. However, the delivery man did not give up! He actually called me and told me that he is outside my house and ask if anyone is home to receive the package. I am really thankful that he called me because after that I was able to contact my sister to go out to collect the parcel from him. Usually all the delivery man will honk and leave if no one come out from the house after a few seconds. But this delivery man is not like that and I really happy with his delivery service!

The package arrived in a parcel bag and inside contain the receipt and the product that wrap with bubble wrap. Although it is a small product in a big parcel bag, there is no damage to my product at all. I received it in a good condition and I am happy with it!

Overall, I had a great time shopping at ENSOGO and most importantly, I am really impressed with the delivery service! Although last time ENSOGO had a bad review on their services, I believe they have revamp and now they are guaranteed to provide a great service to all. Since I have experienced the whole process from purchasing till delivery, I do believe that they have finally improved their services and I really happy with their services too! I will definitely buy things again from ENSOGO!

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