Piccolo Cafe @ Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan - Enjoy Deals!

All Days Big Breakfast from Piccolo Cafe
 My sister and I decided to choose All-Days Big Breakfast @ the Piccolo Cafe, Deals

Are you worrying about your weight increase again? You cannot eat delicious food from the cafe? Do not worry it! can help you get to eat a healthy food! We believe that great nutrition should also taste great! With the, you can become Vegetarian or encourage you control your diet in your life, in order to lose your weight!

We love to support the meal-free lifestyle concept by, because the animals can be it chickens, cows, lambs, ducks, pigs or fishes, are equally precious lives, and deserve our kindness and compassion as much as our beloved pets. I also have my pet, Miu Miu, cat too! I believe's vision to change you to save money and increase your awareness on the pet animals! Deals

You can register as new member to view your profile of when you can see many deals on the on your smartphone or desktop PC as you want to use! For example, I login in and can find what cafe or food which I want to use the FREE coupon!

First, you can download app from PlayStore and Apple Store, ya! Do you curious about how I use my app on my smartphone? Follow one by one steps below;

I never worry about don't need to make call on the reservation! No need to print out / banking online/ transfer bank to buy the deals! is really great app can help the family, students and Deaf community to click one by one, then show the "LiveCoupon" to the staff in the cafe/ restaurant so very easy only!

My grandma, sister and I went to the Piccolo Cafe, Taman Equine, Seri Kembangan, which are near my house only. We just go ahead to the counter there. Then, I show my "LiveCoupon" on with my smartphone to the staffs. My coupon become redeemded already!

Suddenly, a staff come to inform me and my sister that they don't have the Nutella Bagel! Hmm, my sister and I are very sad. Just Vanilla Ice-Cream Waffle only! My sister just added other meal never involved with the

Great! My sister fell love on app already, then she installed it in her smartphone too! Haha. That is why my sister, grandma and I went to the Tipsy Brew O' Coffee Cafe @ Setiawalk Puchong again!

KindMeal - Selina Wing

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