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Rosu Katsu Set is my favorite dish in Momento 7!

If you have been to Momento 7 in Puchong before, you would notice a slight change in regarding of their menu. Serving mainly western food previously, Momento 7 now has a brand new concept in their menu. For those who would really enjoy a hearty warm meal of steamy hot rice and porky goodness, you will definitely fall in love over again with Momento 7.

First time, my mom and I go to Momento 7 restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong, which are near my house in Puchong only! I thought that they served the Western food since it just opened, but they changed the new menu for the Japanese food lovers! They want to focus to serve the individual or sharing Japanese food for the family and group of youngsters so mostly. I also love my favorite, Japanese food too! I see Momento 7's environment are clean and simple.

I also wonder why they called Momento 7, since this restaurant served the Japanese or Western food. My mom was interpreting about Mr. Dennis, the owner told me this name is for remembrance of his deceased father who had always wanted to open a restaurant. Number 7 is his late father's favourite number. Thus, Momento 7 is born from a filial son's tribute to his late father! We can see Mr. Dennis's remembrance of love about his late father so always.

Momento 7 has just recently launched their new menu which now comprises mainly on Japanese cuisine served with rice. With the new partner coming in with much Japanese culinary experience, Momento 7 now serve some very down-to-earth dish, Katsudon. Katsudon is a popular food in Japan, it is a bowl of rice topped with deep fried meat cutlet, egg and condiment. It is filling and very tasty at the same time. Good to the tummy, warmth to the heart.

The owner of the Momento 7 was very willing to share the story behind the change of the menu. Even though food was good previously, western cuisine can hardly accommodate the crowd in the neighborhood who opted for rice instead of pasta. After a few months in the industry, by force they had to change the whole menu regardless of the kitchen appliances and food ingredient waste. Kitchen crew has to start everything from scratch in order to perfect the skill of the artful Japanese cuisine.

Rosu Katsu Set - RM24.50

I love the deep fried pork loin served with white rice, salad, pickles, miso soup and special sesame sauce. Rosu Katsu is getting the special sesame sauce because you can grind the sesame and mix with the sauce by yourself and then you can add it into the bowl as you want!

Buta Shogayah Set - RM26.50

First time, I eat the Buta Shogayah. I love the stir-fried pork with ginger on sizzling pan with white rice, miso soup and vegetables. I used to eat the beef meat on the sizzling pan from Korean restaurant always. I think it is very good tasty of pork meat so better!

Katsu Curry Rice - RM16.50 - Breaded pork with curry gravy, served with rice.

Fish Katsu Bento - RM15

I am happy to eat my favorite fish fillet because fish katsu is very soft and easy to bite! I like the deep fried fish fillet, marinated baby octopus, pickles, greens, homemade potato salad and white rice served in a bento box with miso soup at the side!

Mix Katsu Bento RM15.00

Kamo Nanban Udon is smoked duck cooked in udon is RM13.00

Katsu Don - RM15.50 

I thought that it is Japanese cheese clayout rice, but it's steam rice set breaded pork served on top of rice, half cooked egg and miso soup. I love the half-cooked egg, so I glad that they don't add the cheese inside the rice! It is very good tasty!

Hire & Ebi Katsu : RM26.50

Hire & Ebi Katsu get the breaded pork fillets and breaded shrimp served with white rice, salad, pickles, miso soup and special sesame sauce. I like fried shrimp is soft, make me want more shrimps than porks!

Cheese Katsu - RM16.50

I am not cheese lover, but this tastes are delicious, but it's hard to bite it! There are more cheeses inside the Katsu pork, so nice.

Cheese roll - RM16.50

Cheese roll texture looks good, also get breaded pork roll with cheese, carrots and asparagus. Hmm, I don't like a carrot inside the rolls. I think its better to add the variety vegetables with carrots?

You can make some choices of your favourites when you want to order it. I suggest you better to choose Kani Tsume (Crab Meat), Japanese Sweet Potato, Salmon, Hatate (Scallop), Ebi Hire (Prawn), Soft Shell Crab, Shitake (Mushroom), Nasu (Eggplant) or Kabocha (Pumpkin). You can see the lists of Kushi; Customers can choose the options according their favourite.

  • Buta Hire (Pork) : RM3.00
  • Ebi Hire (Prawn) : RM4.00
  • Hatate (Scallop) : RM4.80
  • Salmon : RM3.80
  • Soft Shell Crab : RM8.00
  • Shishamo (多春鱼) : RM2.50
  • Kani Tsume (Crab Meat): RM2.50
  • Kaki (Oyster) : RM6.00
  • Zuccini (Japanese Cucumber) : RM2.00
  • Asparagus : RM2.00
  • Baby Corn : RM1.50
  • Tamanegi (Onion) : RM1.50
  • Shitake (Mushroom) : RM1.50
  • Broccoli : RM2.00
  • Shishito (Chili) : RM1.50
  • Kabocha (Pumpkin) : RM1.50
  • Piman (Capsicum) : RM1.50
  • Nasu (Eggplant) : RM1.50
  • Japanese Sweet Potato : RM1.50
For me, it can make me very full after food-tasting at , so I love the  Check out on the list of new menu at

This move really amazes us. There is not much young entrepreneur that is daring enough to make such a big move and yet never give up. Some people might choose to close down as everyone knows F&B is never an easy industry. All the determination is simply because it was the father’s dream to run a restaurant. It is the son who wants to achieve it for the father. With hardwork and patience, I am sure the dream has come true and it will definitely go the long way.

For effort and thought of the man behind Momento 7, it’s a big thumbs up!

Momento 7 - Bandar Puteri Puchong
31, Jalan Bandar Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor
Call at 03-8066 5778
Mon – Sun : 11.00am – 3.00pm: 5.30pm – 10.00pm

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