Launch of T-Rex Autopsy Screening by Petrosains and National Geographic Channel @ Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur

You really love T.Rex, your favorite Dinosaur, right? I am really surprised about our country, Malaysia also found the 140 million year old fossil tooth of an "ornithischian" dinosaur! Curious? Come to watch the Dino Month, National Geographic Channel, Astro 553 with the BM subtitles! And explore the Petrosains, Discovery @ Suria KLCC, KL for more info, ya!
My youngest sister, Jocelyn and I attended the event launch of special screening about T.Rex Autopsy on last Saturday, 2015, 9 June. We also thank to Petrosains and CoCommunications's invitation too. We are really happy to chat-chit with the Petrosains' managers and staffs too at same time, we get to know more details about the Dino Month on the National Geographic Channel and the interesting discovery of activites in Petrosains, Suria KLCC. Today, Petrosains want to encourage more kids and students to learn more about the Jurassic Adventure, will be a very great exploration and fun activities for you and your family! Last time, I was kid, always crazy about the Dinosaur, especially the popular T-Rex! My sisters and I still remembered that we enjoyed to explore the Dinosaur Theme Park since my family bring us go trip during the school holiday!

We watched the T.rex Autopsy - 2 hours on the National Geographic Channel in the TGV Cinema in KLCC on our first time! T. rex Autopsy sees the world's first life-sized anatomically precise model of a T. rex go under the knife in an incredible visualization of the anatomy and biology of the most infamous predator to have ever lived.

This once-in-a-lifetime experiment will offer viewers an unprecedented opportunity to explore questions such as whether or not T. rex had feathers; how it fed with tiny arms; whether it was primarily a hunter or scavenger; how it digested food; how old it lived to be; how it procreated; and whether it was warm-blooded like a mammal or cold-blooded like a reptile.

With eyes the size of grapefruits, 30 centimetre-long teeth and a stomach big enough to digest a four-year-old child, the recreation of the T. rex is lifelike inside and out. Using cutting-edge special effects in collaboration with esteemed veterinary surgeons, anatomists and palaeontologists, T. rex Autopsy illuminates the latest research and findings about the Tyrannosaurus rex.

 (In screening TGV, I surprised that there are no subtitle on the T.Rex Autopsy!
Don't worry, ASTRO National Geographic Channel 553 sure have the BM subtitle, then you can watch it on every Sunday, 7pm!)

In their quest to document, x-ray and scan the T. rex, the experts must cope with unexpected surprises (such as the overwhelming smell manufactured for its innards) as they saw through bone, wade through blood and slice through muscle to determine how this 65-million-year-old beast may have lived – and died.

It makes the autopsy experience looks as realistic, but I don't like lot of blood out from the surgeon cut on the T-Rex leg! The most awesome scene about they cut the stomach, then uncover the smelly food inside the stomach, and take out the heart & lungs. Crazy! The paleontologists' face also covered with the blood too! Great job! Nat Geo put a lot of effort into making the dinosaur as real! I suggest that you should watch it as it is very educational, make you feel exciting at the same time!

You can read the infographic about the fact of T-Rex below;

Ms. Penny Tan, Marketing Director of FOX International Channels (FIC), which continuously strives to offer its viewers the best in entertainment, said, “The T. rex is certainly one of the most fascinating creatures that has lived on earth, and continues to capture the imagination and hearts of people. We are truly excited to host this special screening with Petrosains.”

Ms. Shamini Balan, Marketing Director of Petrosains, The Discovery Centre said, “We are truly pleased to collaborate with FIC through its renowned National Geographic Channel.  As an institution that promotes the public understanding of science and technology, our aim is to be a platform that constantly provides viewers and visitors alike with knowledge and information that helps them understand and appreciate better, the world around them.  This initiative with the National Geographic Channel then helps us nurture the curiosity over the fascinating world of science and its valuable contribution to mankind.”

“Our ultimate goal is to provide something appealing for everyone, regardless of age.  Collaborations such as this with National Geographic Channel enables us to make the learning of science, accessible, relevant, engaging and credible.” adds Shamini.

From left to right: Ms. Shamini Balan, Director of Marketing, Petrosains Sdn Bhd and Ms. Penny Tan, Director of Marketing, FOX International Channels at the premiere screening of T.Rex Autopsy

T. rex Autopsy headlines a colossal month of dinosaur programming on the National Geographic Channel that includes the premiere of Dino Death Match, T. rex: Ultimate Survivor, Bigger Than T. rex and the two-hour special Top Ten Biggest Beasts Ever which happens every Sunday, 10pm. The adventure continues on the weekdays with more Dino programs daily at 7pm on National Geographic Channel (ASTRO Channel 553).

Ms Shamini also mentioned that Petrosains also organised a contest for the public to participate and the winner will WIN a trip to the Universal Studio Singapore! Just follow the 3 steps below to participate in this contest before the deadline on 29th June 2015:

Step 1: Visit Petrosains at KLCC and take your picture at the National Geographic Photo Booth.
Step 2: "LIKE" the Petrosains Facebook page
Step 3: Post your photo to Petrosains Facebook page with the details below:
             - Full name
             - Valid admission ticket number / Petrosains Membership Card number
             - Creative photo caption
             - Hashtags: #petrosainscontest #DinoMonthonNGC
Please visit the Petrosains website for more details!
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Interesting! Jurassic World is great, make you learn more about the Dino! Wow, the Dino can understand the human? How...
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