Insidious Chapter 3 @ One Utama, KLIPS Malaysia

The beginning story about a teenager named Quinn who come to visit Elise who have an ability of supernatural. Quinn seek her help to look for her mom but, Elise cannot help her anymore, because she retired from her job. Elise also advised her don't contact to her mom when she want to do something to connect to other world....After few months, Quinn started to feel something always follow her to anywhere...because Quinn begins to suspect her mom tried to make contact with her from the other side!

It make me shocked when a car come to Quinn so suddenly when I thought it is normal scenes! I really frightened me out! I really don't like something stare me so long time if I sleep in my own room, so it is scary! I just recall that my mom also told me that she experienced it so real since she live alone in her own room in the hostel! Be honest, my mom not believe ghost stories, so she never scare anymore. Finally, mom confirmed that her story is real when she saw something in her room since she was studying in the university. It is really terrifying story if you ended with this person!

After her accident, Quinn got her two broken legs, the bedridden teen begins to realize that something keep to disturb her by "sound"...She thought that something come out from the neighbors! I really don't like it if something touch her so suddenly! Good idea to make her out of bed or teleport her to other world by something's powerful! How she avoid it? She always scream help for her dad, as her dad rushed to her place on everytime. That is why her family believe something's not wrong in her...

Her dad also contact the supernatural club for the help. There are two guys are beginner and tried to make money by catching the ghosts in their camera! But, they are useless...Luckily, Elise changed her mind as she cannot leave Quinn be hurt on many times, because her dad cannot help as he failed to see "something" around Quinn... Her dad always thought of his safely children, he seek Elise's protection for them.

Elise agrees to use her ability to contact the dead world in order to help a teenage girl... I learned that you all should not obsess about the death and dead spirits if you want to learn more, so it is not good for you, include your family too. If you contact him/her, something will follow you to anywhere! So dangerous! Elise also teached us about how to avoid the darkness path which can bring you to their world... If one of your important of family person who are passed away, you must not find "them", and just give blessing light to them, be okay!

I surprised that many jump scares always messed out around the scenes! I think that the horror fans like to knock jump scares. I never thought an angel come out to save Quinn... That's her mom! The light world, which cannot seen by the ghosts and demons. The light cannot touch Quinn but it encourage Quinn must be strong with the help of voices from light of "spirited". The ending scene make you always remember them in your heart... Should NOT to involved in the "other" world, not suitable for you! I really love Elise become strong to fight with other "evil" spirited, she always believe that this is her world which she can control by herself, wow! My mom also advised me when you MUST pray always to protect yourself by NOT feel FEAR when you are alone!

Lessons: You NEVER do contract to any "other" world...if not, your family and you will get troubled more by the demon or bad spirit! And you MUST not feel "FEAR" the evils. If you are weak, you will be controlled by them!

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