Chicken Prices Fall Drastically at Kenny Rogers Roasters!

Ramadhan is a holy month where strict fasting is observed by the Muslims from sunrise to sunset. Often during the break of fast, family will gather together and have a meal together and sometimes friends will join in for the break of fast too! It is a joyous time for family and friends when everyone break fast together.

Hence, with the month of Ramadhan dawning upon us once again, the rotisserie chicken experts at Kenny Roger Roasters (KRR) are slashing prices of their wholesome yet delicious chicken meals to mark this occasion! Now there is even more reason for family and loved ones to gather together over a delicious and wholesome meal.

Starting from 19 June 2015, guests of KRR can purchase a second Kenny's Whole Chicken at only RM1 when they buy the first Kenny's Whole Chicken at its regular price! How awesome is that?! However, this take-away-only offer is not valid with any other promotions or discounts and is limited to first 100 sets of two whole chickens each per day, per restaurant. Hence, if you have a big family having break fast together or you want to celebrate a special event with your family, this will be a great deal for you!

In conjunction with the festive season, KRR is also adding on four new special new meals to its menu, each featuring the all-new Seri Lagenda Chicken. This Seri Lagenda Chicken is a special Malaysian dish where it features the KRR's famous roasted whole chicken leg marinated with local spices topped with mild spicy peanut sauce, and paired with aromatic tomato rice and various side dishes such as creamy pandan muffin, vegetable salad and mushroom soup. The sauce taste like a satay sauce and if you can't have enough of the sauce, you may ask the KRR server to give you an extra bowl of sauce too!

KRR also introduced a lite meal where the portion of the meal are small and suitable for light eater. Hence, the guests can enjoy the delicious wholesome meals together with their families and friends without worrying about food wastage!

Besides that, KRR also adding a new cooling drink called Lychee Splash to their menu! This Lychee Splash is a mixture of lime, kiwi, mango and topped with mint leaves and 2 lychee fruits. It has a sweet minty taste and the combination works really well together!

In order to celebrate this joyous festive season and also the introduction of the Seri Lagenda Chicken Meal, lots of exciting promotions are introduced by KRR to their KRR Card members. KRR Card members can get 20% off when they dine-in with two Seri Lagenda Meals and 30% off if  they purchase three Seri Lagenda Meals. For KRR Cards members who purchase four Seri Lagenda Chicken Meals and above, they will be entitiled to a 40% off the items!

How to get a BCard/KRR card member? 
You can get a KRR Card with pre-loaded RM20 value at any KRR restaurants nationwide at RM20 only! The KRR Card can be used to purchase food, beverages, merchandises, and are also entitled to enjoy the on-going member's promotions and privileges at any KRR restaurants in Malaysia.

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly contact 03-2119 9888. You can also visit or connect to

Finally, I would like to wish Happy Ramadhan to all our Muslims readers!

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