WON Two Tickets @ Run For Your Lives, Penang - Infected Zone, Attacked by Zombie Apocalypse!

Wow, I never expected my youngest sister who won the 2 FREE tickets worth RM 99 to join the Run For Your Lives challenge run which located in Penang! Thank you to CatchThatBus for giving away free tickets to RFYL MY 2015! Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2015 outbreak will infect Penang Botanic Gardens on Saturday, 16th May 2015.

Run For Your Lives is the original zombie-themed 5K obstacle race all the way from the United States of America with more than 30 successful events since 2011. Organized by Action X and supported as an official franchise, Run For Your Lives comes to Asia for the first time with Singapore as the first stop. But, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan already be "Infected Zone"! Then, Kuala Lumpur become "Infected Zone" too, since the Zombies already bite the runners in Kuala Lumpur on last year! The tickets are expensive, normal ticket for RM 99, and early bird around RM 79 and 89. We are lucky!

I'm sure that you also watch the Zombie movies on many times, right? How you can be safe from Zombie? You have to run through the 5km obstacles to avoid the zombies! It's cool when you can play as Survivor or Zombie! You will experience new when you face your risk of life and think your decision before you meet a Zombie!

My sister and I are anxious but, we also excited because this is our first time to be in the Infected Zone, Penang on this coming Saturday! Do we have to plan and strategics against the Zombies? How? We imagined the crazy zombies walk though us... like the photo below;

Anyone can run, but everything changes when you are running for your lives. Will you survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Find out more at

Are you ready?
COME to visit the RUN for Your LIVES,
Botanic Gardens on 16 May 2015!

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