SHOP, DRINK & EAT @ MOBITE - Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo 2015, MidValley #MOBITE

Yahoo!! I am very happy when I finally get to relax on my long weekend!! Thank you to Tommy Tong, SharingIsCaringMy blogger as he invited me and Woan Koon, Deaf blogger to join the group bloggers. First time, my friend and I hang with the bloggers to tour around the MOBITE (Mobile, IT & Electronic Expo), MidValley, Kuala Lumpur. Finally, I met Woan Koon who waited for me there, then I am lucky to reach MidValley, almost 10.30pm on yesterday, 2 May 2015!

As we know, Unified Distribution Technology Sdn Bhd also launched 1st MOBITE, coolest and latest mobile phones, IT gadgets, and consumer electronics fair held at Mid Valley Exhibition Center from 1st May to 3rd May, 2015 (3 days). They also present more than 80 global brands and 300 booths with MOBITE’s ‘You Shop, We absorb’ GST campaign and other promotions. Many visitors are happy and buy many gadgests at the MOBITE fair because they no need to worry about GST, as they never charge you! Good news! MOBITE will also reward visitors with a chance to win VIVO smartphones and walk away with a SURE-WIN gift, by spending a minimum of RM100 in a single receipt during the event.

Wow! I saw too many people queued up so very long to get the special voucher which included 8GB USB pendrive (RM1), 4800Mah power bank (RM9.90) and Seagate 500GB hard disk (RM99) when we also joined the group media bloggers. Woan Koon and I got the voucher, 4800Mah power bank (RM9.90) from TechTitan, we need to find the TechTitan booth if we want to buy it!

TuneTalk, the official Telco for MOBITE, offered the special promotion for the visitors who buy any device at MOBITE, you will be entitled to 6 months FREE data! Better to grab the TuneTalk 6 months FREE data to call to talk and messaging to your important person always, and enjoy to surf the internet on anytime as you want more! I amazed to see cute skateboards become the seat chairs for the TuneTalk Coffee stall, so creative!

Kaspersky Lab launched the Kaspersky Internet Security for Android available at RM 9.90 to help more consumers secure their mobile devices. Wow, I like Kaspersky antivirus for PC/ laptop because it also protected my laptop from any virus and malwaves so I never have any problem! It's better for you to secure your smartphone, with antivirus app like Kaspersky Internet Security Android, you will get the Kaspersky's offer, Buy 1 Free 1!

Woan Koon and I got free drink Slurpee at the AMD booth on our first time! Last time, my friends and I never get any food or drink so, this is good idea for AMD Malaysia provide for the visitors who are thirsty, need to stay "cool' when you tired to tour around the fair! AMD Malaysia also famous with gaming laptops and PCs, check out on AMD's special promotion there, so cool there!

You better head to the COURTS booth so quickly if you don't want to miss the limited promotion of digital gadgets with low price, 0.28 sen only from from 11am - 12pm, 3pm - 4pm and 8pm - 9pm! I am really shocked when my friend, Tommy explained to me and Woan Koon, that we just pay 28 sen, to get our backpack bag and samsung microSD 16GB only! It's REAL!!

WOW! We really like to VIVO, latest smartphone, X5 Max, and X5 Plays which are ultra-thin, light and fast too while we explored the VIVO booth! Love a cute "VIVO" Mascot! If you want the light smartphone or love the beautiful design theme on the VIVO, then check out on the VIVO if you are curious!

A event manager explained about new tech gadget called Meitrack, can track your loved ones on anywhere. It is suitable for the parents, pet lovers, couples, and persons who go to hiking , especially, you can get to know where are their whereabouts during emergency situations so useful!

We also visited the KooZaa booth, then you will asked by a staff, "Like on KooZaa", SPIN & WIN then register new account if you are first-time, lastly you can make pre-order on your favoruite gadgets which offered by KooZaa only! You can get the awesome giveaways from KooZaa Malaysia, please do not miss it! Photo credited by KooZaa Facebook.

After this, my friends and I shocked to see many Doreamon things at the booth! If you miss Doreamon 100th Expo on last year, now they are bring back many awesome Doreamon toys, plushies, and merchandize with the discounted prices during MOBITE fair for 3 days only! The kids sure happy to see around the Doreamon booth so they are not boring!

Tech Titans offered many cheap products, such as wireless mouses, laptop bags, cooler pads for laptop, powerbanks and many! I think that I want to buy wireless mouse for my mom. Wow. My friend also bought the wireless mouse too, 2 pax for RM 26 too. So cheap!

Lastlty, we visited the Acson booth, where they are giving RM300 discount off their air-conditioners and also giving away the 7 piece cookware if you purchase their airconds! Or you can get FREE ablum "Breeze", Fuying and Sam if you are their fan when you click "like" on the Acson Facebook!

(Photo credited by Tommy Tong, SharingIsCaringMY)

When the group bloggers and I take a rest to sit at the Media event place, suddnelly my mom make me and Woan koon shocked! We busy to take photos on the lucky winners there. My mom helped us to scream "I love the Popcorn" at the Popcorn booth so funny!

We shared to eat the FREE popcorn together. Then, we guided to eat the Sangkaya Coconut Ice Cream at the Sangkaya's stall! I heard about Sangkaya on many times, so it is popular coconut ice cream?? Then, if you better to try Sangkaya! They are selling at RM 10.50 for 4 scoops, so Sangkaya is good dessert make us to feel cool when we eat our dessert so enjoyable!

Finally, we take a memories photo with group of bloggers together! Thank you to MOBITE, TechTitan, Acson and others for giving the chance for the bloggers like us, who experience to review them! We also be grateful to Tommy who helped to explain to us on few times too.

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