Raya Delight with San Remo Pasta Malaysia And Meet Chef Colin Lim for San Remo's Cooking Demonstration

Jocelyn's group, "Pasta Superstar” creation: Flaming Mushroom Spiral Pasta with cilli padi
I surprise that we get our chance to meet our top local, Chef Colin Lim, who will do the cooking demonstration with San Remo Pasta! Bad, my mom and I cannot go, then I asked my sister attend this workshop, in order to replace me and my mom. We also like to thank to them because my youngest sister get to learn about the unique recipes from San Remo, then she can cook it for my family! Good! Enjoy to read my sister's story, ya!

Every time when I go shopping with my mom, we often buy San Remo dry pasta because it is much healthier compared to the normal yellow noodles. San Remo dry pasta is a complex carbohydrate that contain vitamin B complex, iron, mineral, and fiber. San Remo pasta also has less salt and fat in it which means it is a much healthier choice of food for our family! My family likes to cook pasta but unfortunately we always cook the pasta with the usual common Bolognese sauce or Carbonara sauce. Hence, we can’t eat it often as it may feel bored after eating the Bolognese and Carbonara spaghetti sauce too frequently.

Various types of San Remo Pasta

When my mom receive a media invitation by San Remo to participate in their event San Remo’s Cooking Demonstration “Raya with San Remo Pasta”, I was elated as we will get to learn how to cook pasta in the Malaysian style!

 3 types of San Remo Pasta Sauces:
Bolognese & Mushroom, Tomato & Basil, Tomato & Onion & Garlic

As the month of thanksgiving and blessing for Muslims draws near, San Remo organized this event to reinvent the traditional pasta dishes with signature local spices to entice the taste buds of Malaysians during Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidlfitri. Our top local chef, Collin Lim will be showing us how to cook pasta dishes that enriched with Malaysian flavours and ingredients in this San Remo’s Cooking Demonstration.

 Mini spaghetti and cupcake for teatime

 Chef Collin with San Remo Angel Hair in Curry Gravy

Collin Lim presented two delicious and healthy localized pasta dishes which are San Remo Small Shell serve with Minced Meat and Spicy Peanut Gravy and San Remo Angel Hair in Curry Gravy. Collin Lim showed us how easy it is to prepare different types of pasta. He also matched each type of pasta with a blend of ingredients, fresh herbs and spices such as onion, red chillies, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass for aromatic goodness and rich flavours that everyone can make at home.
San Remo Small Shell serve with Minced Meat and Spicy Peanut Gravy

 San Remo Angel Hair in Curry Gravy

I have tried the San Remo Angel Hair in Curry Gravy and it taste delicious! It has a thick aromatic smell and the San Remo Angel Hair blends well with our local taste! I cant believe that this can be made so effortlessly in just 20 minutes! 

Everyone is excited for this cooking competition and busy putting on apron and chef hat!

Following the cooking demonstration by Chef Collin, a cooking contest was held for the audience to try their hand at making their own Malaysian pasta dishes. We were divided into a group of 5 and each group was asked to prepare a dish with the ingredients in the mystery box!

 Ingredients in the mystery box

 One of the lucky draw winners receiving her prize Australian imported pasta cooker!

Finally, the event ended with prize giving ceremony for the best pasta creation and 10 lucky draw winners won a Australia imported Pasta Cooker. All the participants received a goodie bag with San Remo products and a recipe book on how to cook Malaysian style San Remo Pasta!

I got goodie bag filled with San Remo Products! Thank you, my team "Pasta Superstar" for spending time to cook "Flaming Mushroom Spiral Pasta with cilli padi" together! Established by Luigi Crotti in 1936, San Remo is the largest dry pasta manufacturer in Australia.With its extensive range of products and 19 wholesome dry pasta varieties, San Remo is the market-leading brand in the pasta category in Malaysia and the go-to brand for the best quality and taste. Made from 100% durum wheat, San Remo’s pasta is certified halal, GMO free and contains no artificial colouring and preservatives.

For more information on San Remo and for pasta recipes, kindly visit 

Written by Jocelyn,
co-author Selina Wing

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