MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2015 @ Putrajaya, Malaysia

My good friends and I enjoyed the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day on this year 2015 so very much! Last year, my best friend and I really enjoyed the MILO Marathon Run in Putrajaya as we enjoyed to drink more milo and got the freebies bag! First time, my youngest sister, her boyfriend and my friend, Woan Koon take part in the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day  #MBD2015 to join me and my best friend!

Before MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day started, we have to meet up at Jaya One in early morning because we have to collect our race kit-collection at the MILO booths inside THE SCHOOL, Jaya One. I am really miss James because he went to leave early for his work after he enjoyed to chat with my best friend, without waiting for me! But, I also meet other friends, Krystal and Robin too!

Kimberly, Woan Koon and I come to MILO Putrajaya on early morning, in order to avoid the jam to parking. We enjoyed to view a very beautiful landscape along the Perbadanan Putrajaya, that is why we took a lot of photos together before it started at 7.30am!

Finally, we success to complete our mission 7km, but we enjoyed to view the landscapes of city, Putrajaya so very beautiful! Then, I glad that not many people queued so long at the MILO booth to get the MILO cups, but we took more on 3 times already! My friends and I also have free food vouchers, so we have to exchange to the different various food, such as Pau, Nasi Lemak, Tuna Sandwich, Satay, and Fried Rice. But, we missed the delicious food, all left the Pau and Tuna Sandwich that we have only!

Surprisingly, we saw the giveaway 8,000 MILO Nutri G by 7-Eleven and MILO for everyone who queued so very long! We also joined them to get MILO Nutri G again! Kimberly, and Woan koon also liked it too. MILO Nutri G is new energy drink for the healthy people who do regular exercise or always doing the sports only.

We also busy to explore the MILO and saw many children also joined some games too. The parents enjoyed to eat breakfast together. Kimberly asked us to join MILO on next year again. We are fine because we are MILO fans! Haha!

My friends and I cannot find where are my youngest sister and her boyfriend because too many runners who wear same green MILO T-shirts so very confusing.... We missed them to take photo with us so together!

Yahoo! I am first, then Kimberly and Woan Koon managed to finish the MILO together! Funny!

Finally, I get goodies bag; banana, MILO hand fan, maggie mee, water bottle, MILO Nutri G, Nescafes, MILO chocolate and MILO 3in1 (two).  See the photo below about the MILO Silver Medal (2014) and Gold Medal (2015). I like a cute logo MILO medal in GOLD!

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