Kevil Hill, the New Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon

Since we are young, my dad will always bring us to theme park to play and relax. Sunway Lagoon has always been our top destination to go to as they have various type of parks in it. What I like and remember the most from my Sunway Lagoon experience is the scream park. Scream park in Sunway Lagoon is the most enjoyable because they always have a different theme and they provide a comfortable environment for the theme park goers!

Scream Park entrance in Sunway Lagoon

Since I am an avid fan of anything is that related to horror and thriller, I was extremely excited when my sister got an invitation from the GO Communications to cover the launch of the new scream park theme, Kevil Hill.

Kevil Hill is now open in Sunway Lagoon!

Remember to #SLFROZENDEAD after you visited Kevil Hill ya!

Special Media Entrance for the launch of Kevil Hill 

The environment in the media launch was spooky and filled with cryonic tanks from the Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation! Fogs was released to mimic the cold cryonic condition and the frozen zombies can be seen inside the cryonic tanks too! 

The frozen zombie is awaken inside the cryonic tank during the media launch!

The frozen zombie breaks out of its cryonic tank in Kevil Hill!

Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon (far left) and Lynton V Harris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company (far right) at Media Launch of Kevil Hill

"This is yet, another great opportunity for us to continue working together in the partnership to bring in world-class immersive scare attractions here into our Scream Park! The spooky, creepy, and scar world of cryonics is an amazing story providing a backdrop that comes to life and visitors will definitely be awed as they uncover the unusual and twisted world of Kevil Hill and cryonics gone awry," said Lynton V. Harris. 

The 8th year of partnership between Sunway Lagoon and The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company proudly present: Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation  

During the media launch, a video was shown to us on how the Kevil Hill was forms. Kevil Hill is founded by James B. Kevil, one of the wealthiest men in NYC after building the Kevil 01 Refinery and he has a vision of making Kevil Hill a utopian town. After the death of James B. Kevil's wife, he pledged to begin the Cryonic Project. The idea is that, if someone has "died: from a disease that is incurable today, he or she can be "frozen" and then revived in the future when a cure has been discovered. Hence, the Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation (KHCC) is established. Unfortunately, an explosive chain reaction occured in KHCC and the frozen zombies woke and emerged from the depth of Kevil Hill

A video on The Story of a Town: Kevil Hill

Timeline of Kevil Hill

Kevil Hill's Explosion incident

The process of cryonics (Frozen in Time)

After that, we get to explore the Kevil Hill in Scream Park! All the media members are separated in a group of 6 and escort into the abandon Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation. The whole journey through the Kevil Hill is approcimately 30 minutes and it is a dark spooky environment. Fogs surrounds the passage and makes the Kevil Hill so much more scary! Frozen zombies wonders around the Kevil Hill and sudden loud banging sounds really will make one's heart stops!. 

Beware and enter at your own risk!

The frozen zombie is enraged and trying to break out from the sealed room!

Beware of acid burn zombie!

The zombies caught one of the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) member!

Would you want to be frozen and live a life after death?

Finally, it was a great event and I had a great time exploring the Kevil Hill. Although we are only get to enjoy a portion of the Kevil Hill, I enjoyed it very much. I hope that I will go back to Sunway Lagoon again in the future to explore the whole Kevil Hill!

Check out the Kevil Hill trailer:

Opens daily from 11am to 6pm, visitors are now invited to discover the world of cryonics at the Kevil Hill Cryonic Corporation which is located at Scream Park in Sunway Lagoon.

For more information, kindly contact Sunway Lagoon at +603-56390000 or visit log on to Sunway Lagoon's website at or its Facebook page at

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Selina Wing said…
Wow, Jocelyn! You enjoyed too much! I cannot join you to the Kevil Hill since I am fan of horror, sad!