Kenny Rogers Roaster Malaysia: Greatest Grills Launch @ Tropicana City Mall

Kenny's Chicken and Beef

Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia introduced their customers' all-time favorites for three exciting meals of ‘Greatest Grills’ promotion – Chicken and Beef, Chicken and Lamb and House Platter. We invited by KRR to attend their launch of Greatest Grills which located at Tropicana City Mall on last 13 May, 2015. My dad really loves the Kenny Rogers Roasters so much as he always bring my sisters and me go to eat the family' dinner or lunch meal on many times when my family and I went to the shopping malls only. My family and I prefer the healthy Kenny's Quarter Meal because we really love Kenny's chicken grilled with the delicious sauces!

Christina Thong (middle), Marketing Manager of Berjaya Roasters (M) Sdn Bhd and Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) staff introduce a whole new selection of grilled dishes from its latest Greatest Grills promotion!

Grill masters have observed that grilling a piece of meat not only leaves less fat in the food but also seals in moisture and keeps it tender, thus resulting in a more delicious, calorie-friendly meal. The experts at Kenny Rogers Roasters (KRR), famous for their rotisserie-roasted chicken, have perfected the art of grilling and are now offering guests the chance to enjoy their all-time favourites with items that are seared to perfection and guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds.

Kenny Rogers ROASTERS’ ‘Greatest Grills’ promotion
is now available at all KRR restaurants nationwide.

Guests will be excited to know that they can now enjoy KRR’s signature roasted Quarter Chicken paired with succulent lamb or beef in three exciting meal options under the ‘Greatest Grills’ promotion – Chicken and Beef, Chicken and Lamb and House Platter.

Kenny's Lamb Chop

The Chicken and Beef features Kenny’s famous Quarter Chicken with a slab of half-grilled steak, served with Chunky Veggie, Mashed Potato & Gravy, complete with Kenny’s Home-made Muffin.

Kenny's Chicken and Lamb

For those who prefer lamb, the Chicken and Lamb sees Kenny’s famous Quarter Chicken paired with grilled lamb instead, and served with the same side dishes that accompany its beef counterpart.

 Kenny's House Platter

Guests who wish to enjoy the best of both worlds can feast on the hearty House Platter, which features Kenny’s famous Quarter Chicken with grilled lamb and half-grilled steak, served alongside Chunky Veggie, Mashed Potato & Gravy, as well as Kenny’s signature Home-made Muffin to round-up the meal.

We understand the importance of healthy living and have carefully planned these meals to suit the different taste buds of our valued guests. Eating healthy does not necessarily mean giving up good taste. Grilling is a perfect way to enjoy a meal with fewer calories, without sacrificing on the flavour. This is why we have introduced these delectable and more nutritious options under our ‘Greatest Grills’ promotion,” said Christina Thong, Marketing Manager of Berjaya ROASTERS (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Kenny's Lamb Tortilla Wrap

Adding on to the variety of grilled favourites at the restaurant are items such as the Lamb Chop, served with Aromatic Rice, Chunky Veggie, grilled tomato and Kenny’s Home-made Muffin; Lamb Tortilla Wrap, served with a choice of Coleslaw or Fresh Fruit Salad as well as the peppery and hearty Pepper Lamb Soup to complement the meal.

Kenny's Pepper Lamb Soup (I heard this soup only has a limited number of bowls per day)

I think that mostly, locals will pick their most favorite meal, "Chicken and Beef" when their "puasa" will coming on next month, June. First time, my sister and I eat the Kenny's Pepper Lamb Soup, it is good taste, nice to get more some pieces of bread inside the soup! We still prefer the Chicken so we hope that KRR can promote new meals like the Chicken Soup! I think that the Kenny's Lamb Tortilla Wrap come with the Kenny's salad or the Kenny's Pepper Lamb Soup so better because the Tortilla Wrap are not enough to fill our stomach, so it is suitable for the snack only.

Do not miss your chance to win the awesome prizes 
when you love to take photo on the Kenny meals!

From now till 18 June 2015, guests can also share their obsessions by taking a photo of their Greatest Grills meal using the KRRazy Snaps App from Google Play and App Store, to enjoy a surprise gift from KRR!

Guests can now enjoy KRR’s signature roasted Quarter Chicken paired with succulent lamb or beef in three exciting meal options under the ‘Greatest Grills’ promotion!

The Chicken and Beef and Chicken and Lamb are priced at RM 42.56* while the House Platter is priced at RM 57.72*. Meanwhile, the Lamb Chop, Lamb Tortilla Wrap and Pepper Lamb Soup are priced at RM 29.73*, RM 13.41* and RM 9.21* respectively. *All prices inclusive of 6% GST (Goods and Services Tax) and vary at Genting Highlands, KLIA 2, Little Red Cube and Langkawi Jetty Point.

Wait..! Again, Kenny Rogers ROASTERS (KRR) has embarked on a bid to spread more joy and togetherness among its loyal guests! KRR offers the BCard and KRR Card members weekly special meals for just RM1, over a period of eight weeks, which started from 24 April to 18 June 2015. Card members will be treated to a featured Kenny Rogers ROASTERS’ meal every week for RM1, with the regular purchase of two of the same featured meals at original price.

We want to give back to the community for their continuous support, to spur them on to create even more joyful and happy times, while going easy on their pockets. Moreover, the promotions feature some of our signature healthy meals which our loyal guests have come to love over the years – meals that only we do best,” Christina added.

How to get a BCard/KRR card member? You can get a KRR Card with preloaded RM20 value at any KRR restaurants nationwide at RM 20 only, which can later be used to purchase food, beverages, merchandises, and are also entitled to enjoying on-going member’s bonuses and privileges at any KRR restaurant in Malaysia.

For more information on Kenny Rogers ROASTERS, kindly contact 03 - 2119 9888. You can also visit or connect to

 Kenny's Chicken Run 2015

ROASTERS Chicken Run'15 will coming on 24 May 2015, Sunday! Don't miss the ROASTERS Chicken Run'15 for Charity! You will get the freebies* worth more than RM200 (Kenny's Quarter Meal Voucher worth RM25, Exclusive RCR T-Shirt worth RM20, Sunway Lagoon Entrance Ticket worth RM145 & Goodie Bag worth RM20) when you join them! Read more info at

Thank you to Kenny Rogers Roasters Malaysia and GO Communications Brand Company!

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Wow, Kenny Rogers now have Chicken and Lamb, these two is my favorite. I hope to try it soon.