Samsung Turkey Deaf Commercial About Video Call Center for Deaf Community in Turkey

I surprised that Samsung Turkey's video got a lot of attention now on the social media, especially Facebook! It's about Samsung Turkey setting up a new video call center for Deaf people in Turkey. They did their job to promote their video call center for people with hearing problems, Samsung Turkey staffs came up with a heartwarming stunt and caught it all on camera to create this wonderful ad, make the Hearing and Deaf community to open their eyes to see their ad.

This youtube tells you that a Deaf guy go out with his sister, are on their daily lives. The people on the streets are signing to him so suddenly. He always wonder why people know the sign language to communicate with him on his day.  He shocked that his video as the viral advertisement for new video call center for the Deaf people to open the bridge between Deaf and Hearing community!

So this is good idea to do the inspiration of disability to increase the Hearing's awareness around the world. But, I hope that Samsung Turkey don't charge the fees or payment on the Deaf people if they used their video call service. I think that they better to hire the Deaf people who work for Samsung Turkey, as staff can work to focus on the disability projects to think how can change the disability's lives.

I think that Samsung can make a change for Deaf Community in Turkey? Check out on the Samsung Duyaneller website. What you think of this?

P/S: My family and I went to visit around Turkey and Jordan, I got meet a Deaf staff who work in the clothes store in Jordan, cool! He signed different language when he communicate with me but, lucky, he knows ASL sign language abit!

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Anonymous said…
We are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing... we are NOT hearing impaired. "Hearing impaired" is a negative label and says that there is something wrong with Deaf people. The Deaf community does not accept that label.