Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review @ GSC NU Sentral Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Luckily, my mom and I grabbed our time to watch this movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service on the end of March! The summary movie are about the agent, Galahad witnessed the death of his colleague agent, then he decided to deliver a Medal of Honor to his surviving relative, a little boy named Eggsy. A boy keep a medal if he faces his danger in his life. After 17 years, Eggsy live in the difficult  situation which is not easy for him since his mother re-marry with his second husband. After Eggsy arrested by police, he decides to call it for his emergency time as Galahad arrives to escort Eggsy away, and offers him a chance to turn his life around. Finally Eggsy figured out that his father was a member of the top secret Kingsman agency, and Galahad offers Eggsy a chance to train and follow in his father’s footsteps!

I really like Galahan agent's action. He did his good job to become Eggsy's teacher because he always give a lot of advices to Eggsy! OMG, I really like a cool umbrella, alike like geek tech tool!  He can see who through his observation via umbrella. And he can shoot from an umbrella, so it is suitable for a spy agent! I love Galahan's workplace - secret hidden tunnels!

I really like Gazella's action so well. I cannot imagine that Gazelle are slicing a man in half with her sharp artificial legs! I think that Gazella is physical-disability person, become the killer?! Maybe she was experienced as assassin so well before she get the artificial legs. It's not easy to train to kill with the killing artificial legs... I guess. Gazella is really strong in the assassination, if she gets an order from the billionaire, Valentine.

I shocked that Galahan Agent forced to do killing many people in the church so crazy!! The SIMs can make people kill each other, so very violent!! I think that this lesson advice you all don't get FREE SIMs for the smartphones? So funny! I never think that by a billionaire, Valentine get good idea to make the control on the human around the earth!

I don't like the agent's last training are kill a dog! We are animal lovers. I thought each agent have a dog, more cool, so your dog always spend more time with you so it can protect you on everyday, it maybe become a spy dog, can! but I surprised that they ordered you to kill and sacrifice if it's needed when you become an agent spy! I glad that Eggsy will never kill his dog!  But, this movie still make us feel awesome and like their effect of action so greatly! LESSON: Remember, you still give more choices, so you no need to force yourself to do what you don't like! Believe yourself that you sure will have more chances later!

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