Fast and Furious 7 - Bye and Miss Paul Walker! [Movie Review]

It make me wonder why many people like to watch an amazing movie, Fast and Furious 7. Many fans are cried and miss the main actor, Paul so very much! For me, Paul and friends always work together for Fast and Furious 1 - 7 movies on many times, sure their fans always felt amazed with the skill of driving on the sport cars! It get to attract them to watch the different story; romantic, revenge, confusions, death, and struck between the police's war with the gangsters or wanted person by the FBI or police!

They have a new star, the amazing Kurt Russell. He plays “Mr. Nobody”, the head of a government task force who is trying to recruit the “Furious” crew to recover “The God’s Eye”, a computer program that is an omnipotent,  glorified “Big Brother” device. If Dom and Brian can recover “The God’s Eye”, they can use it to find the man responsible for their friend’s death.

Awesome! I also like to see the cool cars fall down from the plane and fly over the mountains! The Fast and Furious 7 team made many actions, such as a killer suddenly appear to them in their mission, then they force to do their risk for their lives! And the technology of “The God’s Eye,” to track the team to hide and seek in the town! So the team's brilliant plan to change the cars so always, avoid the death!

OMG! It's very crazy for a very expensive sport car can jump through three tallest buildings in Dubai! Th millionaires can do anything as they like to see the greatest movie, Fast and Furious 7 if they let the team did the dangerous things in the Dubai? Lastly, they said goodbye to Paul and his family after they leave Paul. But, they always think Paul as their brother forever in their heart of Fast and Furious 7. I missed the Fast and Furious 1-5 but, I did watched Fast and Furious 6 and Tokyo Drift-Fast and Furious movies only.

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