Domino’s Golden Chicken #PaySameOrLess @ Domino's Pizza Malaysia

Domino’s Pizza has always been my favorite pizza delivery go to when I am in need of a quick meal. The quick delivery in 15 minutes allows me to order the domino’s pizza and delicious chocolate lava cake whenever I am hungry!

I was invited to the Domino’s Golden Chicken Launch on Monday and they also introduced a new campaign #PaySameOrLess to counter the rising cost of GST! As a company that constantly innovates to offer exciting new menus to its customers, Domino’s Pizza has unveiled its latest offering, the Golden Chicken!

What so different about the Golden Chicken? Well, this is not your usual pizza as the Golden Chicken does not have a pizza dough and it is purely made of chicken tender combined together to form a pizza shape topped up with delicious combinations of toppings, sauces and 100% mozzarella cheese!

This new range of Golden Chicken comes in 4 delicious flavours:

1. Golden Mexican Chicken (RM10.50 valid for limited time only)
Golden Mexican Chicken will appeal to salsa-lovers of sweet and spicy with a dash of chilli flakes!

Oven-baked spicy chicken tenders covered in salsa sauce, pineapple, green capsicum, olives and cherry tomatoes.

2. Golden Italiano Chicken (RM10.50 valid for limited time only)

Golden Italiano Chicken offers a delicious well-rounded, mildly spicy and buttery flavour that will surely leave you desiring for more!

Oven-baked spicy chicken tenders covered in pesto sauce, pineapple, juicy tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

3. Golden Outback Chicken (RM10.50 valid for limited time only)

BBQ-sauce lovers will be delighted to know that Golden Outback Chicken will appeal to their taste-buds with just the right balance of smoky, savoury flavor and a tease of spiciness!

 Oven-baked chicken tenders covered in BBQ sauce, green capsicum, red chillies and olives.

4. Golden Mediterranean Chicken (RM10.50 valid for limited time only)

Customers who prefer a refreshing sweet and tangy flavor can opt to order the Napolitana-topped Golden Mediterranean Chicken!

Oven-baked chicken tenders covered in Napotilana sauce, cherry tomatoes, olives and feta cheese.

During the launch of the Golden Chicken and #PaySameOrLess Campaign, Shamsul Amree, General Manager, Operations, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, “This campaign is a way of reassuring our customers that they will be paying the same, or even less and this is all the more relevant given customers are more thrifty and cautious with the rise in living costs, especially with the upcoming GST implementation.”

The Dominos’s Pizza also have a Price Checker which compares prices before and after the #PaySameOrLess campaign. The new prices will show the net amount inclusive of tax. Thus, what you see is what you pay!

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Isabel said…
omg that looks so yummy!
Selina Wing said…
Isabel, thank you for visiting my blog! You can try the pizza and chicken from Dominio ya! :D