Conjuring Spirit with Seeties Bloggers @ Cathay Cineplex, e@Curve [Movie Review]

Thanks to Seeties Malaysia, and the Grabnocost, who are Seeties'sponsor who gave the tickets for the Seeties members who love to watch this movie, especially Audrey, friendly girl who I meet! I just be lucky winner who picked by them, but be honest many girls really don't like to watch the horror movie! My sisters and I love to watch ghost and horror stories alot, so we used to this since we are kids! Maybe my family believe in the spirits so we not scare anymore. My eldest sister told me that she used to "see" a real spirit (not scary) once only since she was small. My friends don't want la, lucky my sister be free and want to watch! Haha.

My sister told me that this music box is really creepy sound like horror! I learned this story that a detective fiction author Lan decides to leave her cheating husband and move into a new home with her five-year-old son, Bi. She rented her unit in a very old-apartment to start her new life with her son. One day, Lan was given a music box by Mrs. Chu, the building supervisor, then this music box passed to her son, Bi...Then, the nightmares came even more frequently...!

The most scary scene about a hairy ghost lady come in red dress appeared so suddenly, make us shocked and don't like it! My sister always said, "Don't stay in a very old buliding, maybe there are something can be bad luck to your life!", then why Lan choose her old apartment because the rent price are very cheaper, everything be old and creepy in her rooms, especially, in the bathroom! She make me laughed!!

So, this lesson be important for you all, better not to stay in old house or apartment which have death or accident cases, right? A spirit won't be in peace if she/he don't have own funeral place! Finally, it come to the ending make us shocked about her son, Bi?!  You will know when you watch this horror movie, ya! Be honest, we thought this is English movie from "Conjuring" but, no! This is Vietnamese movie! Nevermind, for us, this story is good so okay!


My sister and I shy to meet the bloggers so we are not familiar. We not always into the gathering of bloggers for the events. We also be gratuful to Audrey and the Seeties Malaysia staffs who treated us and bloggers to drink sprite and eat the potato cheese before we went in the cinema. We hope that Seeties can plan the screening movie or other event again, so the bloggers can know each other as friends, fine :)

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Thanks for sharing such a lovely post Selina, it's great to see you and your sister on that day! Hope we have more chance to meet each other for another event again!