My first-time Men's Health & Women's Health Night Run @ Putrajaya! 2015 #MHWHnightrun15

My best friend and I been to Putrajaya on many times since we joined few marathon events on last year. We enjoyed to view a very beautiful Putrajaya in the early morning. Now, my friends and I try to join the Night marathon on our first-time! We become owl to explore the night! O.O My good friend and I really love the PINK T-shirt as beautiful! Kimberly become our fairy! Woan Koon and I become princess already. Haha!

My friends and I can see the beautiful lights along the street road so we do not worry it, and few policemen take care of this event as no one want to do crime in the Putrajaya govenment. Hehe. We reached Putrajaya at 5pm so earlier as the raining come already.

I saw many booths and the "Men's Health & Women's Health Night Run" dance performance there! During the running, we take a shelter, then we peek what are their promotion of products at few booths...

Surprisingly, my best friend spotted our hearing friends, Sangeeta Kaur and her friend who joined the marathon run too! We are very happy to meet them again since we long-time not see them after we joined the charity marathon @ Titiwangsa Kuala Lumpur! Sangeeta Kaur and her friend are friendly as she can remember the sign language abit to chat with us! Then we take selfie with them together so enjoyable!

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As I heard, Men’s Health as they celebrate the launch of their sister magazine, Women’s Health Malaysia with an annual night run. There will be two categories, 12.3km competitive running and a 5km fun run. I saw the cover page of magazine - Men’s Health and Women's Health so we better to take this photo so quickly before the runners come!

After 2 hours, no raining already so we are lucky! We are hungry and decided to buy the hotdog! We saw 3 food trucks, it reminded me about the Hungrygowhere Food Trucks Festival @ The Curve which I explored before. My mushroom hotdog (RM8 only) is very delicious! We enjoyed to tour around the booth until we shocked to get free cute bottle "Malta Energy" #maltamy #maltagiantcan

Finally, we started off to run at 8.30pm! We focus our marathon run but, we saw a lot of beautiful scenery along Putrajaya. We success to reach the FINISH spot around 9.25pm, then suddenly Kimberly took the photo on us! We got a goodies bag and a certificate. My good friend and I love to see Kim's handsome cousin, Aaron who is a staff of "Men's Health"! Wow, we already get many freebies! I feel very hot while I run in the night on my first-time. For me, I prefer the cool morning make me felt fresh after I wake up. I want to say to all staffs and volunteers who did this event so very hardworking; Great job, Men's Health & Women's Health Night Run!

Look what’s inside the goodie bag!!

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