TOP 5 Geek Lazada that I will GRAB from Lazada Malaysia!

As Deaf Geek blogger, I am really love the geek & cute stuffs! I love to shopping online to get what I want to use for my daily life! First time, Shopcoupons launched the blogger contest for the bloggers who want to win 5x Lazada vouchers when they as winners, it looks as cool! Then, I take my boxing gloves to be ready in the Shopcoupons contest, and challenging with bloggers in Malaysia!

You sure heard about Lazada Malaysia on many times since Lazada is known as first shopping online in Southeast Asia, by Rocket Internet, one of the world’s largest online retail groups, which has more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce business. Wow, they always improved the Lazada's service and tried to give their best to attract more shoppers with the best vouchers and special promotion on every season! OK! I already pick my top 5 favourite geek items from Lazada Malaysia!

OK, I am really be prepare to fight... NOW!
I sure will knock you down with my pet cat's cuteness!
Here, my top 5 geek items which I worked hard to get from this fight! One M8 Original Hard Shell Case (Blue)

I really need new casing for my smartphone HTC One M8 because the HTC cases don't found in anywhere, such as the mobile shops or shopping mall. So, I choose the Original Hard Shell Case 'Blue' priced RM108.00, which is suitable for my geek-style! It can protect my smartphone from accidental bumps, scrapes and drops, because I always take care of my HTC smartphone on everyday, especially I join my marathon run on many times! That is why I need it so mostly. I love it! My chance: It is very suitable for my smartphone can be hard shell-case when I never worry, if it fall down on many times!

Nintendo 3DSXL Super Mario Bros 2 Gold Edition

I love the Super Mario Bros so much since I was kid, always play this game, because the Super Mario Bros' characters are very cute! I love the RED Super Mario as it always bring more golds as we have blessed luck during our journey, and avoid to fall in the traps when we play this game with the Nintendo 3DS XL! I can bring my Nintendo 3DS XL while I go to anywhere on my trip with friends or family. My eldest sister also have Nintendo 3DS , that is why I fell love on this after I borrowed from her! I prefer to see a larger screen compared with a 3.53-inch screen in the normal 3DS console. The Nintendo 3DS XL is very special edition, RM 815.89. My chance: With this, I always be lucky gal who can get a high chance in the war!
Smart LCD Alarm Clock (Pink)

I love to get my own alarm clock, "Smart LCD Alarm Clock". I am really bad at wake-up from my bed! I am very happy about the auto-night light sensor. I no need to press turn on the alarm clock because it get big light screen can be read so easily when getting dark. I can see it in my dark room while I sleep! It get FREE 3 units of AAA battery! So good! I can get it at RM RM28 only! My chance: It can help me to see my rival if we are in dark! Hehe!

MG 1/100 Wing Gundam Zero Custom

The MG1/100 Wing Gundam Zero is very special (RM170.90)! Because it's not easy to find at anywhere! I like to collect the anime stuffs from Japan. I am crazy with Japan culture! Wow, I like to watch the anime, popular "Gundam Wing" since I was kid! The Gundam Wing Zero in his angelic form, as featured in OVA ‘Gundam Wing Endless Waltz’. Designed by prestigious mechanical designer, Hajime Katoki, Wing Zero is best known for its beautifully crafted wing details and precise construction in its build. I want try to learn how to create a gundam! There are few girls can do the robots in worldwide, then I can do it! My chance: Who said a girl cannot do? Fight! Fight! The Gundam can encourage me not give up to win!

Ogawa Aura Mate Personal Air Purifier Red

I really need a fresh air around my office and room! My pet, Miu Miu always disturb me to feel something like her smell, and I don't like more dust in my room. I am happy to found the "OGAWA Aura Mate Personal Air Purifier" (RM 45.00) is a convenient mobile air purifier that doubles up as an air ionizer. It purifies indoor air from smoke, gas and odour while creating a pleasant ambience with a stream of negative ions and delightful fragrance. Great for use in the office, at home or while driving! I can bring it to anywhere when I want go outside! It help to also absorb any smell or bad odour and harmful gasses. I can use it when I sleep at night, or taking my nap. Just like eating or smell good from a red apple, then I become better, right? Haha! My chance: It can make me felt be strong health to clear my head!

Finally, my fight is END!
I can get better result when my hands are in the air!
You can see many cats can win too! So cute!  

You see me? I am waiting for my winning result! Meow..!
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Well...No matter I win or lost...
Can you give me for FREE, please?

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