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After shopping at Paradigm, James and I tried to watch movie, "The Last: Naruto The Movie" Japanese movie, so we are lucky this movie get English subtitle! James missed to read manga, "Naruto" but he will read it when he are free! I shocked that this movie bring a love story between Naruto and Hinata before I watched it! So cool! Good job!

Two years after the inevitable battle between Sasuke and Naruto, The Village Hidden in the Leaves prepares for its destruction; the moon is on a collision course with the Earth. Naruto is now a teacher, is very popular and kind to all girls students, wow! Hinata has been struggling with her feelings for Naruto and has used that love to knit every thread of a red scarf that she interested to give to him. But, Hinata misunderstand that Naruto get a girl who he likes so much! Sakura encouraged her to confess her feeling, but Hinata is too afraid to speak up and Naruto is failed to get it!! I felt Naruto still be fool and silly!

During their mission to moon, Hinata tried to give her best to confess but she also hold it first! Until Naruto are realizing her feelings, he becomes quiet and seriously thinking, but his normal personality is cheerful... funny him! They are shy each other!

A moon want to destory the earth, there are Sasuke still protect Kakshi and everyone in village when Naruto are not around them! I happy to see the Sasuke become matured adult! I always wonder how Sakura and Sasuke's romantic life?

The ending showed us that Naruto and Hinata finally be married, then they got a son and daugther in new family! Their son and daughter are very cute! Sasuke and Sakura become daddy and mommy too, wow! This manga still make us to remember Naruto and Sasuka in their journey to be good & evil Ninja so mostly! It lead to you get to know how he can change Sasuka who is very selfish and believe in his own theory...

 I managed to finish this manga as I felt the emotional relationship between Naruto and Sasuke as "best friend" as they are strongest enemies in Ninja world!  But, I always wish that Sasuke come to help Naruto and Hinata in the  movie! But, Sasuke don't appear in this movie, sad!
"If you don't like your destiny, don't accept it. Instead, have the courage to change it the way you want it to be!" - Uzumaki Naruto

So, the "Naruto" manga are THE END! The fans sure cry and don't want to missing their favorite characters in "Naruto" manga! That is why they give thanks so much for the readers so they give away the love story about "The Last: Naruto The Movie" in worldwide!

Again, they revealed that the next movie will feature Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki, to premiere in August 2015. But, come Spring 2015, fans will be treated to a sequel mini-series featuring the next generation of Hidden Leaf ninjas. These all means that there are still more from the Narutoverse to feed all you old hungry fans out there! Or we can give Kishimoto sensei a break, let him spend more time with his kids.[Source: Altunit]

...Wait! We are very happy to get see new Kakashi's story! The first book is about Kakashi Hatake and will be titled "Kakashi Secret: Lightning of the Frozen Heaven". The story revolves around an an unspecified incident that features a somber Kakashi Hatake, who is the Sixth Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. The book will be 226 pages long and make its debut on February 4, 2015 in Japan. Take a look at the cover below.

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