Jupiter Ascending Movie Review @ GSC, One Utama

Before my family and I back to Penang for Chinese New Year, I grabbed my chance to watch the movie, "Jupiter Ascending" with my good friend at GSC, One Utama. It take long 2 hours for us to watch so I said, "wow!" as this movie to get many beautiful scenes, such as each planet have a very beautiful of nature and get the era of high-tech sci-fi & fantasy life, filled with robots and humans, are as extraordinary, looks as very great.

I enjoyed the cool ships designs and motion of the alien space crafts, and seeing how people in the larger universe travel, can travel into a portal so disappear so suddenly, looks like "black hole" absorb you, it similar as time-portal universe. A hero, Caine who get his anti-gravity boots that allow him to gravity surf in the air as he likes. He always do his body's motion to be more like skating on air. He is very brave and experienced to fight with alien ships in the air so Wowww! He never lose his life as great warrior in his pride life!

That is what I really love the gravity-shoes which he wears to fight with the aliens and monsters so easily! I wish to wear air-gravity shoes so cool! But the plot is confusing...

Why I give 2 stars of rating? It is crazy about 3 siblings always get her because she is an important of treasure 'gold' girl for their will only? Hmm, she don't show any feeling, especially she are in front of their enemies, she just be confused only? Bad, I don't feel any emotion coming out from the story as it is best to focus on the actress and hero only. They keep to show their confusion of feeling, also mix with human and alien's world, that is why they failed to show their emotion such as their heart to be hated, or touched or cried of feeling, but they only can be happy at the ending story...

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