How to use Whatsapp Web on PC Desktop / Laptop Malaysia [Tutorial]

You sure want to WhatsApp from your PC and laptop as you can message your friends and family, so you no need to check on your smartphone while you are working at office desk, right? As you know, many of you are using WhatsApp on daily life. But when you in office, you cannot use your smartphone to chat, right? You need to be avoid being scolded from your boss during your office hours! How? Let me teach you easy 3 steps for WhatsApp on Web tutorial only!

Step 1- Update Your Whatsapp at Your Smartphone

Remember, you need to update your latest version of WhatsApp in the Google Play/ iTunes if you don't see "WhatsApp Web" at your Chats. Please check your latest version on the Google Play, ya!

Step 2 - Open the "WhatsApp Web" at top of Menu on WhatsApp.

You click on this "WhatsApp Web" to open the scan QR code, then you sure wonder where you can scan it?

Step 3 - Must open the Chrome Browser then go to

See this screen appear with new QR code. You put your hp to scan it at the Chrome Browser @ desktop PC or laptop. Yahoo! You can chat in the WhatsApp @ desktop PC, looks like you are working, cool!

Okay, then how you can log out from "WhatsApp Web" at Chrome Browser @ Your computer / laptop? You sure worried about your security of private, you better click on "Log out" before you close the Chrome Browser and shut up your computer.

Done! You can attach your files / images or browse for a picture or capture one using the web cam on your browser. It's working! Enjoy your WhatsApp Web ya! Shh! Don't let your boss know that you chat with your friends at your computer okay? Great.

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